The Entrepreneurship is considered as the multi-dimensional concept which is responsible for maintaining an appropriate cycle in the economy. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs are responsible for taking the best decisions for their organization and deciding the best for fulfilling the customer’s requirements. Thus, the entrepreneurs are considered as an important agent who stabilizes and assist in improving the economy of a country appropriately through their growth of business or trade via export.

Entrepreneurship is a key to initiate the social responsibility or act as an enterprise provider for facilitating the solutions. Though entrepreneurship is considered as the risk factor in terms of investment, but its principle quality is to critically analyze the current scenario of the sector. Entrepreneurs always plan well in advance so as to prepare themselves as per the prevailing industry’s trend to avoid any uncertainty. Thus, the entrepreneurs always work out in phase manner while implementing the country’s policies and rules in their company.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of social, economic and personal factors. Apart from internal factors, there are also external factors which may impact the working strategy of the entrepreneurs. The business in any country majorly depends on the five external factors which are social economic factors, factors related to finance or trade, interpersonal factors, effective entrepreneur or business skills and the last but not the least, i.e. Government rules and regulations

Entrepreneurs are those who start their long lasting journey from a very small business base structure and then try to find out the best possible ways to expand their business. Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is not an easy and simple task to manage. Every entrepreneur should work hard to attain the desired success in the market. Apart from this, one should be determined to complete the set task in coordination with the team-work.

While studying and analyzing all the facts related to the entrepreneurs in detail, it becomes very clear that the way to success in the market is difficult.

The renowned philosophers suggests that by following all the key rules, i.e. innovative skills, team work, strong will-power, leadership and positive attitude can help entrepreneur in attaining the desired goal of success.

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