Employee Relations – by Avni Agarwal

Employee Relations

An organization’s prime asset is its employees, those who work together tirelessly and perform their best to achieve the goals and aspirations of the organization they abide to. Working together, every individual develops a certain special kind of relationship with the colleagues at their workplace. It is important that employees whether on the same level or not, should share a healthy relationship with each other to give their best performances. The employees must be comfortable with each other for better environment at work place. It is the utmost duty of the superiors and team leaders to  stop any kind of conflicts in the team and encourage and inculcate a sense of togetherness among all the employees. A healthy relationship goes a long way in motivating and energizing the employees towards work. Every work seems to be child’s play when the employee sees it as an interaction with the fellow employees rather than a burden. Working in a healthy environment, the employee feels charged to take up new challenges. Interacting with each other for hours, going out together at times, strengthens the bond between the employees. The organization whose employees are working hand in hand with each other is the one which will attain heights!!

Often in any organization, we come across a situation that the decisions cannot be taken by a single person alone. Work becomes much easier when it is shared among all .The organization becomes a happy and cheerful place if the employees work together like a family.

Employee relations need to be present in every organisation for the betterment of all.Individuals in any company must be encouraged to take part in the discussions.Communication should be encouraged among the employees to enforce transparency.Often, some get-togethers also help the employees mix up with each other.

Thus, we now can say that employee relations need to trenthened in every organisation, then only the best possible outcomes can be taken out to the world.

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