What is Employee Relations

Employee relations

Your 20’s mark the beginning of a new chapter of your life, and don’t worry, this one will be full of the same amount of happiness, laughter, drama, suspense, tears and success like all others. So what if you’re at the threshold of a new job? Remember, you have it in you to face whatever is in store! Starting with a new job is always scary. The transition from college to jobs isn’t only a huge one but the mature world that one steps into induces a feeling anxiety and pride all mixed into one!

The few things one needs to keep in mind is emphasizing on building relationships, ranging from your colleagues to even your boss!

Maintaining strong interpersonal relations is of utmost importance. Being able to communicate in your team to work effectively with your co-members is a sign of good interpersonal skills. People high on this skill exude a strong sense of self confidence and are able to materialize their thoughts into successful actions which increase their respect not only in the eyes of others- but even in the eyes of their boss as well!

If you are lucky enough, your first job can land you with a decent boss. But to outshine in a group of newly employed people you need to have that X factor. You need to do that extra bit which makes you ‘extra’ordinary. And how is that possible?

1) Let your work speak for yourself – Always get your affairs in order. Make it to work on time and always go home and finish your homework. Prepping a little in advance for the next day will only keep you ahead in the race.

2) Be assertive- One can often have different opinions from that of their bosses. You may not agree with their plan of action but you can not disagree disrespectfully either. In such situations, being assertive is the way forward. Explain to them why your point is the more viable one and how it can be tailored to fit to your boss’s demands as well. If you disagree with your collegue then try the sandwich – Begin with telling them why how nice their plan is then subtly slip in the flaw in their plan and what advantages your plan has over theirs and end it by praising the amount of hardwork they put into it and assure them that their idea isn’t a disaster after all!

3) Listen- Believe it or not, just by listening one can learn a lot! So in your next meeting make sure you listen and comprehend to other’s point of views. Pay keen attention to the knowledge they have to impart.



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