Sometimes we feel betrayed that nobody supports us, nobody gives a damn about us, nobody cares, etc and due to which we get demoralized, we lose hope and we don’t know where we will end up to and what will we do.

Rather than thinking about all those things we should better be self-reliant on our self and should not think about what are the people views about us and whether they will support us or not.

Ekla Cholo Re ( WALK ALONE) is a famous poem which is written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore which depicts about the hardships and tribulations which an individual encounters and how that individual should be self-reliant and self-confident and he should not care whether anyone supports him or her or not.

Like in the poem individuals face a lot of tribulations in their jobs. They always feel insecure due as they don’t get support from their colleagues as well as from their boss on various aspects of corporate life due to which we feel dejected.

Rather than getting dejected on those matters, the individuals should have faith in himself and should try to pull himself up from that drastic situation. He should not expect anything neither from his colleagues nor from his friends etc as he should always remember this fact that “In this world, he came alone and from this world, he will go alone and hence he should learn to fight alone from all the demons and devils which he has in his life”


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