Duties and Responsibilities of Import Export Manager

Duties of Import Export Manager

They ensure that shipment is done in accordance with the rules and regulation of Import and Export.

They also hold counseling for clients who are having dilemma about insurance, tariffs and quotas.

They make categories of the shipment according to tariff coding system. It also deals with making pace and discussing with custom agents to ensure shipment is done through customs.

They also guide client on how to reduce taxes and duties owed.

Major role of these professionals lies in managing shipment of goods.

  • They track the location of shipment.
  • They use best and most economical method to prepare for goods of the shipment.
  • They also deals with warehousing, transportation or distribution of goods.
  • They helps the inventor to decide the amount of insurance over the shipment.

Requirements for this position

  • Most positions require a bachelor degree for this post or an experience of five years
  • Computer and management skills are also required for this position.
  • Proficiency in other language is also desirable
  • Certified professional is preferred

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