How appearances can determine success in corporate life

Dressing well – How appearances can determine success in corporate life


“Dressing well is a sign of being good etiquette “

These words should and must have an impact on all of us. Often we think  dressing up for a party or a normal outing is very trivial and in some cases a waste of time. We don’t put in as much effort or at times in some cases, put in an extra effort, which results in us being either over dressed or under dressed.

There are several occasions which require us to dress up. One such occasion under consideration is dressing up for a Job interview

Smell good

It’s the one thing that can make someone aware of your presence even from outside the room! But remember, your perfume or after shave shouldn’t be too strong so that it continuously distracts the interviewer. A subtle scent can instantly grab a person’s attention. It shows that you are hygienic, well organised and care about your surroundings.

Hair styles

It may not be good to generalize, but most firms (barring a few start ups) appreciate a short hair cut for boys which makes them look good. As for girls, a high pony tail or a bun gives you a very professional look.

The clothes: A shirt that isn’t ironed can easily put off anybody. It can indicate several things, such as you aren’t ever able to do things on time, don’t care enough about your belongings or just aren’t serious enough about what people think about you- which by the way is a very important aspect for most big companies. Girls should try trousers or a skirt that is below their knees. Boys, always always avoid jeans.

The Nitty Gritties

Employers notice your hands as soon as you first shake hands. Remember, your nails should be of the appropriate size with no finger nail dirt AT ALL. Loud make up always takes the attention away from the conversation- to concentrate on how purple your lipstick is! As for men, shaving before an interview is a must! Also take care that your shoes are polished and that men and  women alike are wearing watches (sense of professionalism)

The way you dress makes a world of a difference. Its an aesthetic pleasure to the eyes and can at once boost up your confidence. So always dress to impress!

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