Directing- How a key role in management shapes careers


Every one have noticed the role of directors in the making of a  Cinema , they directs how cameramen how to place the camera , the way with the actors/actress have to act and the entire control of the scene is in his hand. In the same way in the field of management for a Firm to work, proper planing and organizing should be there.

DIRECTING is the process in which the higher authority / managers analyse , instructs and guides the workers for achieving their goal. They oversee the performance of the workers and make a plan for the proper achievement  of  the task . It’s a continuous process that initiates from the top-level and flows through the bottom in the organizational tree. This clears shows staffing has no importance if directing is not done .

According to Koontz and O’Donnel :

“Directing is a complex function that includes all those activities which are designed to encourage subordinates to work effectively and efficiently in both the short and long-run.”



  1.  Directing Initiates the Action
    As the manager or higher authority sets a plan or makes a set of task specially  for the workers , there is an immediate start of the work . Action begins immediately from the joining for the workers and the proper instructions that are given to them .
  2. This process is continuous 
    The higher authority have no rest after given the set of information to workers , they have to continuously
    Guide the workers and subordinates . They have to supervise them as well as motivate for the proper working  of the workers to reach the goal .
  3. Stability
    Stability is the a very important factor for the  organization’s balance and constancy . Direction is one such method which facilitates stability .
  4. Performance Oriented 
    We all want the work should be done in the shortest time ,means in a much greater pace so plans are made in suck a way that it enhances the performance for the workers delivering the result faster.
  5. Human Behaviour
    The manager has to make a note of the behavior of his workers .This also involves study and molding of the human nature.It facilitates interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relationship.

Directing  is must have for a proper functioning of the organisation .

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