Development and pollution

Development and pollution

All the countries in the world are divided into three categories,developed,developing and under developed countries . Naturally , an organism tries to develop itself.Likewise a country would try to be a developed country.

A country is said to be developed if majority of its income is through the industrial sector.And in the developing and under developed countries,it is mainly through agricultural sector.Development of a country would mean large number of industries and large number of industries,although generating good employment opportunities ,would cause pollution.Its in the very definition of developed countries that number of industries is proportional to the development of the country.In the process of achieving the status of a developed country,large industries are set up and these cause pollution.Β Hence in our development , we are seeking future destruction.

Pollution is the addition of harmful substances in the environment leading to harmful effects.Pollution can be classified as :

Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Land Pollution
Soil Pollution

From our definition of developed countries,we may infer that the country which is more polluted is more developed.Or a city which is more polluted is more developed.Unfortunately,in many cases,the above statement is true.Our current lifestyle of pomp and show,seeking harmful comfort for ourselves,is the basic cause of pollution.A 100 years back,no body could imagine air that could not be inhaled,water that could not be drank and soil that could be infertile.Today an individual,for instance, desires to owe a car,by which he could travel from one place to another.But that task could be done in some public transport too.And when more than one individual starts to think like this,poisonous gases( Carbon monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide etc) are introduced in the atmosphere.These gases not only cause respiratory problems but they are also responsible for heating up of the atmosphere(along with other gases).This effect is called greenhouse effect.This effect is responsible for melting of the polar glaciers.Sooner or later,this glaciers will melt and flood the coastal regions of several continents.

In case one is finding difficulty in realizing how critical the condition is,the current world map with a 100 year old one can be compared. Ceasing all industrial activities at once is impractical.But changing our way of thinking and taking small positive steps can help us contribute a lot towards a productive and healthy future.


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