Developing a theme and visual metaphor


Some of the things used to build the theme of the website are:

1.Choose color palettes
Select colors that work well with each other and also that support the theme of the site.

2.Design Layouts based on content
Make layout based on the content, the more columns you add to the design, the more content your site should contain.

3.Use Visual elements to reinforce the theme
Use of fonts, graphics and text that will reinforce the site’s theme.

Different Page Elements:

Page elements are the components that give the layout to your website.

The different Page elements are:
*Main navigation
*Sub navigation
*White spacing

You might use all or some of the elements based on the type of website you are trying to develop. After selecting the visual metaphor and site layout we build a site code mockup to see the working of the design, as per the eyes of the developer.


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