Cyber Crimes – Are you Safe Surfing?


Cybercrime refers to the activities that are compassed on the internet or web and are against the law. Cybercrime may also be described as intruding in the privacy of a person without his/her intent permission. With the invention of new technology the misuse and exploitation of it has also increased at a faster pace. Cyber bullying or crime has become so common nowadays that it is affecting the lives of majority of the population who is engaged with social networking sites or other media platforms.

The information circulated on the internet stays there permanently. Even if the content is deleted by the user, it will still remain on the web due its eternal nature. No matter how many privacy settings an individual choses to use for his/her account, it is incredibly easy for a hacker to get the desired information with no hitch or bump. The anonymous nature of the internet plays a vital role in burgeoning of cybercrime. It is extremely challenging to catch the culprit in such scenario.

There are many ways through which cybercrime is executed. Using pictures of a person without his/her permission is one such example of cybercrime which happens with a bulk of people. Hackers at times use the pictures of the people in an extremely indecent way, by cropping the face of a person and adjoining it with some other body and then publishing it on net. How are we supposed to guard against this now??

Cybercrimes are increasing at an expeditious rate and is affecting the youth of the country to the highest sense. The dissemination of the information from the internet to the hackers is constant and requires a determent from our hand.
A lot of awareness from the side of the users is necessary to cease cybercrime from its very root. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with the constant flux of cybercrime:

1. Don’t accept random requests
The root cause of the problem is adding unknown people to one’s profile. An individual should never do this. With new techniques coming into play of hacking accounts, one of them also includes the secretion of information through messages. A person may ask you to go checkout a link. This should be avoided as much as possible. These link access all the required information and it becomes very easy for these hackers to break through.

2. Use strong passwords:
Also the password used to secure the information of your account should be strong enough, it should not be really facile to make out. The password should be changed quite frequently and should never be written down on phone or any other device which gets connected to net.

3. Purchase Anti- virus
Virus is co related to hacking. The most outset stage of hacking is virus. A virus consumes all the information on the phone or laptop and makes it visible to the hacker through which the bot hacks the account of any person or can do any sort of criminal activity from his/her account.

4. Privacy settings
The social media provides with the facility of selecting the audience for each post that you share. Always remember to keep it to ‘friends’. In this way the pictures that you share will always remain confined to your friends. This is the best way to guard against the hackers.

5. Always report or call for help
It is absolutely okay if you fall into the trap of a hacker. It happens to a lot of people. It is very important to report the case to the police or the nearest cyber cell for immediate help. They can actually help you by finding out the source who committed the crime. This will also ensure that the bot does not screw up with anyone else in the future. Also, if objectionable content is seen on web, it should promptly be reported.

With the booming rate of cybercrime, it has become essential for the common citizens to repel against it by using the technology in the best way possible. Internet has provided us with all sorts of coverage and networking with the people we know. In such rundown it gets increasingly important to look for our security.

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