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CSS is a language that is rapidly growing to enhance the looks and formatting of any document written in a computer markup language. It started from the basics and has expanded like anything! This makes it harder for the beginners to learn and adapt it with ease. The dramatic change  over the last few years has led to the introduction of numerous tools.

So,here are the few tips for those who wish to craft rapid and fast CSS:

  1. Identify unused code

Over time, projects change and your CSS may not have been enhanced with time. Unused CSS impacts performance by sending needless code to the browser. This makes the browser work harder to identify what styles should be applied.

UnCSS will take a list of files and URLs, checks that each CSS rule is found in the HTML, and then spits out a CSS file that only includes the rules that are being used.

UnCSS requires compiled HTML & CSS and therefore may not be as helpful depending on your development environment.

       2.   Identify Duplicate Code

After building the final design, you observe our work on the individual sets of data. When all is said and done, you may not have realized that many of the styles for the modal dialog were actually very similar to the styles for the drop-downs.

Using csscss, a redundancy checker, you can identify duplicate properties across all of your CSS rules. You can then consolidate your code into a single CSS rule.

3.  Identify Poor Code

Removing unused and duplicated code is not just enough. What other improvements can we make to our CSS? Parker and analyze-css are two tools that analyze your stylesheets and provide metrics on the quality of your code.

Both Parker and analyze-css can help remove parts of your code that you can simplify and refactor.  Run these tools on a regular basis to help keep your CSS in check.

4.  Write Better Code

Lean modular code for your project enhances it in no time. You must take necessary lessons to get rid of the bad code in your project. A better set of code lines can save you from a lot of trouble!

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