Crack any Interview


Interview play a vital role for getting selected in recruitment process or while applying for post graduation.

Successful interview consists of preparation and after that successful execution.

Preparation consists of proper analysis of job you are applying for. For effective preparation analyse past trend of company and its future perspectives, study questions which are generally asked by that company and be prepared for an impressive answers. In addition to this prepare some extra notes which might be required to showcase your talent in an interview.

Interview Execution is a two way communication between an interviewer and interviewee. It is a rich source of information and a chance for interviewee to showcase their talent and make interviewer confident that they are perfect for this position. During this candidate must not hesitate to mention his/her qualities and must be honest enough to prove that. Interviewer are far more smart than you think so if you are planning to fake up your record or hobbies during an interview then be aware you might be caught and rejected. Basic rule :” Whatever you are planning to tell to the interviewer must be true, you must be able to proof that and proper body language must be maintained during an interview. Have a pleasant smile on your face,nod when interviewer is telling something to show your interest and maintain a straight posture to depict your confidence”. Keep your hands on table or on your lap to avoid hand movements. Don’t play with your pen or hair it depicts nervousness during an interview.Be calm and honest throughout your interview.

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Some Interview Tips

  • Wear a formal dress during an interview. Be presentable (i.e. avoid high makeup or funky look).
  • Always Knock while you enter interview room. Even if you are sitting in a waiting room for an interview please maintain your dignity because you are being monitored.
  • Shake hands with interviewer and greet them as soon as you enter interview room.Remember your handshake should be firm.
  • Sit only when you are asked to do so.
  • Answer every question precisely and honestly.Avoid being tricky while making your sentence because you may be caught later on and this may lead to rejection.
  • Maintain good posture, eye contact and smile on your face to epict your confidence to the interviewer.
  • Remember interview must be two way communication,So both interviewer and interviewee must exchange their views to carry out interview in a positive way.

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