Correct Memo format for effective memo writing


Memos are a brief and somewhat informal method of written communication. They’re useful for communicating with other in your organization when you need to address an issue of common concern. Memos usually follow a standard format (find out if one exists where you work). They generally have two main parts:

1. The heading

  • The person (or people) to whom the memo is being sent- following “To:”
  • The person who writes the memo-following” FROM:” (the person who writes the memo usually signs or initials it, too)
  • The date the memo is sent-following” DATE:”
  • the topic of the memo-following “RE:”

You may also indicate that other are to receive copies of the memo by listing their names following “cc:”(an abbreviation for “carbon copy”) in the heading or at  the bottom of the memo.

2. The message
This is the text of the memo. The reader is usually someone in your organisation, so you can get right to the point and you can include abbreviations and other terms common to your organisation. However, you should still strive for clarity, brevity and readability. The following sample illustrates a typical memo format.

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