Communal Harmony

Communal Harmony

India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a kaleidoscopic diversity and rich cultural heritage. It has achieved multifaceted socio- economic progress during the last 50 years of its independence.

But then this is not the true picture. We have created an unhealthy atmosphere by mixing caste and creed and the paritions and revolts we’ve had. Wat difference does it make? writing articles, conducting debates , talk shows and tea summits might give us city people something new to talk about but it would make no difference whatsoever to any Kashmiri living in a remote corner of Kashmir breathing in an air filled with terror, surrounded by gunshots and overtaken by the fear of getting killed at any moment or would it quench the thirst of those hundreds of terrorists who are waiting like hungry vultures to destroy innocent lives.

Does all this media and political hype in any context do us “people” any good; the answer is a big NO. I know that it is not at all easy to achieve all the brotherhood needed overnight but don’t you think we could all start afresh?

After all drop – by- drop the ocean is filled. Why do we sit in front of the television sets like drug addicts , because we want to be involved, because we want tob’ know’ and because we want to help but clearly we all know that our contribution towards the betterment of our society is zilch.

I know that there is probably no point of me writing all this but i will be happy if anyone is inspired by this and thinks he or she could attain that brotherhood, that love , and that peace in his own little circle of life which can make all the difference to him and to his fellow being, then in my view that will be a person to whom the words ‘ communal harmony’ would hold true meaning, so start acting on it.

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