Circadian Time Table

Circadian Time Table

Make your Circadian Time Table.

We all wish that we spend our daily routine as productively as possible. We tend to follow certain time-bound activities and may even sit down to make tomorrow’s schedule or a time table. Biology can help us plan our time-table.

How ? By refurbishing our routine based on Circadian Rythm. A few experts already know how our body’s physiological clock works and how must we utilize our time and energy to its full potential. So, this article is just a tip of the iceberg. If one is really interested to move along entire iceberg, consult a fitness expert.

Circadian rythms are in-built musings that are naturally triggered by certain neurons, neurological centres and hormones. What is to be done at what time of the day is predefined. This is for our advantage, since we can do appropriate activities at appropriate time.

1. 6.45 am – sharpest rise in BP => do physical activity like jogging, yoga etc. to reduce BP.

2. 7.30 am – melatonin (sleep-inducing chemical) secretion stops => a good time to wake up.

3. 8.30 am – bowel movement => all know what is to be done.

4.9.00 am – high testosterone secretion ; 10 am – high alertness   => greatest attention, hence study, problem-solving session

5. 2.30 pm – best coordination ; 3.30 pm – fastest reaction time => good time to play an outdoor sport, do gymnastics, dance etc.

6. 5.00 pm – greatest cardiovascular and muscle strength => a recommended time to do gymming, running and usual morning activities.

7. 7.00 pm – highest body temperature => good time to cool off, have a cold drink or chill out in AC.

8. 9.00 pm – melatonin secretion starts => onset of sleep time (that is why grandpa says sleep early beta!)

9. 2.00 am – deepest sleep => DO NOT DISTURB.

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