Building An App in Android


As by now You Know what Android is and how to build your first application. I’m happy to say that you are now getting into the fun stuff. You’re going to build a real application that you can use and publish to the Android Market.
The app you now should build needs to provide the user to toggle the mode of his or her phone’s ringer with a simple pressing of button.
Imagine that you’re at work and you’re about to go to a meeting. You can turn your phone volume down, all the way to silence, and then attend the meeting. You’d never be “that guy” whose phone rings during a meeting, would you? The problem is that you like your ringer loud, but not too loud. You never keep it on the loudest setting, only the second-to-loudest setting. When you leave your meeting, you remember to turn your phone ringer volume back up, but you always have to go all the way to the max volume, and then down one setting, just to make sure that you have the correct setting. While this isn’t a life-changing event, it’s kind of a nuisance having to do this each time you need to silence your phone’s ringer.
It would be great if you had an application that would allow you to touch a button to turn the ringer off, and then, when you leave the meeting, you could touch the button again and the ringer would return to the last state that it was in. You’d never have to readjust your ringer again. That’s the application you’re about to build.


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