Android Programming Basics


You have to be a registered member of nowhere to program Android applications. I’m glad, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing them! Programming for Android is simple because the default programming language of Android is Java. Although writing Android applications is fairly easy, programming in itself can be a difficult task to conquer.

Although the majority of Android is Java, small parts of the framework aren’t. Android also encompasses the XML language as well as basic Apache Ant scripting for build processes. If you already know Java and XML, congratulations — you’re ahead of the curve!
Java: Your Android programming language

Android applications are written in Java — not the full-blown Java that J2EE developers are used to, but a subset of Java that is sometimes known as the Dalvik virtual machine. This smaller subset of Java excludes classes that don’t make sense for mobile devices.
It may be a good idea to keep a Java reference book on hand, but in any case, you can always search on net if you do not get anything .As Java is nothing new, you can find plenty of examples on the Web that demonstrate how to do just about anything.
In Java source code, not all libraries are included. Verify that the package you need are available to you. If it’s not, an alternative is probably bundled with Android that can work for your needs.

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