Build Around Customer Participation

Build Around Customer Participation

Regardless of the particular community which is thereby intended in order to serve the truly strong communities which are considered among the best to built around the things that certainly matter deeply to the every member of the present community with their aligned needs. This applies whether the audience is primarily business B2B communities like Element 14’s engineering community or Dell’s “Take Your Path” small business owner’s community form around very specific shared needs common to small business owners or a personal-interest B2C or nonprofit or cause related community.

The very initial as well as eminent elements that are also powering a social business in any case need to be something to which the community members (customers or potential customers, for example) will spontaneously bond, and that as a result will encourage them to invite others to join. If you’ve ever met a small business owner then you would have probably known the passion they possess about what they will do. Dell has found a very effective way through the practices of social business to tap this by identifying and serving the needs of the small business owner for example, by encouraging discussion about finance and investments in business hardware.

Similarly, smaller communities think here about the need to reach highly defined groups of customers, where personal interests drive strong relationships are prime opportunities for social business initiatives. Digital nomads are productive in the office or outside of it, staying in touch with friends and updating colleagues on work in progress through social applications as close as the nearest Wi-Fi enabled coffee shop or hotel. Dell hardware powers this and thereby taps into the nomadic lifestyle of these on-the-go professionals. It’s important here to recognize that communities like “Digital Nomads” and “Take Your Own Path” are not defined by a business or consumer or nonprofit motive call this your point of view a or need but rather by the needs and desires of the participants within these communities.

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