Want to become a Technical Analyst?

Technical Analyst

Technical Analyst deals with studying historical charts, price patterns and market sentiments to predict the future prices and get benefits by riding on to it. Basically the study of analyzing charts is known as technical analysis. Technical Analysis offers bright career opportunities for aspirants. As a career one can become a self-trader or trade for any company or work as a research analyst in any research or brokerage firm. In order to excel in trading or market research, one should have expertise in technical analysis which required immense discipline and and strong risk management skills. Career in technical research, starts as a research trainee. The starting packages ranges between Rs 2.5 to 3 lakhs per-annum in general. Usually, the industry looks for experienced professional, as developing a good research skill takes time. It is therefore suggested to start with business development in a research or brokerage company and get into research after gaining experience of financial markets.

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