Andaman expansion

Andaman expansion

Prime minister,  Narendra Modi – ” I want the development of the islands and wants to enhance military base,  trade and tourism with protecting the interests of tribes and protecting the environment. “


The government and ,other economists and social workers wants the development of the country and utilise the potential of island. The main aim is that they want to have more power over the Indian Ocean. And,  further wants to support growing trade and other ties with China.


But what about the tribes who have lived on the island for so many years?


There are many other people as well,  who focus more on the needs and demands of the tribes. They wants to safeguard the interest of tribes. They believe that the island is the home to these indigenous tribes. It’s their land,  where they have lived for so many years. The land is their history.

D. M. Shukla, the tribles islands welfare Secretary , says that,  interaction of the tribes to the outside world will damage them. Their cultural identity should be reserved. Tribes don’t want to mingle with the outside world.

Tribes living on the island are far away from the outside world and the world of development is totally different for them. Because for so many years they have lived in the forest and protected them, its not justified to bring them out of their comfortable zone. They have lived the life of simplicity, bringing them to the outside world will effect their life in many ways.


So, there are two school of thoughts. One to save the life’s of tribes and other is to make them interact with the outside world so that they can enjoy the fruits of development.


However, more number of people are supporting for the development side. As, the development of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and expansion of military base will provide India with better means to check of incoming PLAN vessels before they can reach Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. This can be viewed as the first line of defense against China and futher ,the spot of Malacca Strait will also play an important role.

Developing the island can help India in many ways. It will not only strengthen the power of India,  and will also help in developing better relations with China and many other countries. It can prove out to be a very good investment by India in the future. The land is very fragile and can be very productive. India can reap ‘n’ number of benefits from it.


Hence, if government will make some serious efforts with the aim of developing the islands but at the same time not harming the interest of tribes and protecting the environment, the expand in military base can prove to be a very good asset for country. It will provide India with the intense opportunity to develop in many fields. Thus, a balance between the two is needed. The boost development of the country must not be held back.

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