I firmly believe many of us will be in a dilemma to decipher this truth, far too few people know whether they are reader or listener, and rarely people are both. But such ignorance could invite host of difficulties, for instances

Lord Dwight Eisenhower was the supreme commander of the allied forces of Europe during the World War 2, he was the darling of the press, his press conference was a visual treat for anyone, his strong command over language, gritty attitude, robust persona exuded drops of charisma, there was a reporter who was a big admirer of his deliverance but, he was the same person who at a later stage scoffed, chided, maligned his image thus becoming his biggest detractor,

What do you feel was behind the sudden change of thoughts, the premises lord Eisenhower was a Reader, when he was the supremo of the allied forces, his attendants would make sure that every question was handed over to him in writing at least 30 minutes prior to the conference, so he was in total command at the time of conference, when he succeeded Franklin d Roosevelt and became the president he believed he need to follow the footsteps of his predecessor who enjoyed open free conferences without any aide

But he was not the same since he was not a listener; he would never listen to the questions of the reporters and would ramble endlessly about something else

This showcases the fact that since Lord Eisenhower wasn’t aware of the fact that he was not a listener  it created a huge dent on his image, this is something which in general happens with everyone at a certain point of time

We don’t realise how critically imperative it is to acknowledge who we are, each and every one is endowed with different ways of learning and doing things, it is not an all – pervading stuff

Some are listeners, they learn things by talking, listening, rather than visualising or reading, some learn by writing, Winston Churchill never got good grades in his school days since he learnt things by writing, and school always encouraged students to read and listen

Similarly some people are in the habit of working in a team while some advocate a reclusive working pattern, some work best as subordinates, some work best as advisers , while some act best as leaders, but if you hand over the reins of a leader to an adviser, he will bitterly fail.

Thus each and every one of us is different in our ideology, perspective, working strategies, you can bring drastic changes in your behaviour by looking up to someone else but you can’t transform your persona to something which you aren’t

So let’s get to the crescendo, I am eager to know what kind of person you are- a Reader or a Listener?

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