Acronym #4: REPAIR

Acronym #4 REPAIR

You must have read at least one of the previous acronym series post by now! And by the looks of it, you guys are loving it. So I continue to enlighten and entertain you with a few more upcoming posts in the field of human resources.

The last one was about QUICK- Question, Understand, Identify, Curious and Know-how.

This one answers the ancient question of how to deal with the problems and objections of employees. Believe me, it’s not even half as boring as you might think it is. So sit back and enjoy REPAIR!

Reason- There is always a cause behind the objection. It may be as apparent as a fly in the coffee or a bit more discreet and difficult to see like a needle in a haystack. Whatsoever be the nature, without knowing the true motive of the objection raised, it cannot be settled down. So ask, probe, question repeatedly till you find the Holy Grail.

Empathy- Do not chuck an issue out of your stack of files just because it sounds ridiculous to you. He/she might feel passionately about it. Look from their eyes and feel from their hearts, for only then will you be able to think correctly from your own mind.

Pragmatic- Do not jump to conclusions till you are sure of the issue at hand. Never think of a solution before addressing a problem, it will definitely lead to a singular answer and disregard any existence of a better alternative. Be practical, think pragmatic.

Acknowledge- Always, ALWAYS accept criticism and counterarguments. They make up for a better solution. Have an open door policy for ideas and advices accepted from and by everyone. You never know who might have an epiphany!

Inquire Incognito- Some people are hesitant to open up to their bosses or complaint about their peers for the fear of being in the bad books. To deal with such people, you will have to make the efforts of asking around if anyone has an issue, undercover! Accept anonymous complaints to protect the privacy but stick to facts and evidence.

Respond- Feel the need of resolving the problem and once it is felt, the solution will hit on its own. Once found, do not waste any time! Remember- Feel, Felt, Found!

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