Acronym #1: CLOSE

Acronym #1 CLOSE

You might not be into the whole acronym game but it’s one of the best things that has happened to Indian education since IITs and IIMs. I’ll take the liberty here to publish a series of acronyms related to human resource industry that will leave you flabbergasted!

Starting off with the first one in the series, here it is:

Connect- Lay the foundation of a bond based on the moment of truth, i.e. the point where there is complete faith in the relationship. This way, you can ensure a friendly and harmonious workspace without much hassle and the risk of coming out too strong.

Learn- Whoever said “You’re never too old to learn” was absolutely right. Learn new things from new people. Welcome knowledge with open arms and embrace new updates and developments.

Object- Listen and adhere to objections. Rules are not meant to be broken! Establish a genuine rule book and make sure it is well implemented. Do hear out every objection and resolve rather than retort.

Solve- Solutions aren’t easy to find but they’re definitely worth the efforts. Every problem, however big or small deserves to be treated right and fair. Any difference of opinion can be sorted out with the help of middle grounds which prevents unhealthy competition and grudges.

End- Every day must end with a positive and constructive note. The office environment must be a happy place for people to work and every personal and communal need must be met if legit and possible. Providing comfort to the people who work is not giving them relaxation, it is giving them a reason to stay loyal and give the firm equal efforts.


So CLOSE the deal with your co-workers and enjoy a happy and harmonious enterprise with just a few double checks. Have a happy closing!

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