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9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification

Jmeter is a free tool that allows developers to work with source code during the development process. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require extensive training. Furthermore, Jmeter is a genuine Java desktop application that may operate on a variety of platforms. You can learn Jmeter by taking one of the following courses, which are geared for both experienced and beginning users.

Let us know about 9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification!

About Jmeter

The Apache JMeter is a genuine open source software that calculates performance and packs practical behavior. It can be used to test the functionality of web applications and other services. Additionally, Functionality testing is the process of putting a web application through its paces under heavy load from different users. Jmeter was once used to test FTP and web applications, but it is now more commonly used as a data server or practical test.

We shall now move towards knowing 9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification which will help giving boost to your career.

9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification

While JMeter is best known for load testing, it may also be used to test APIs, FTP servers, database performance, and other application areas. Furthermore, It aids in the measurement and analysis of the performance of web apps and other services. Let us know about 9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification –

  • Certified JMeter Tester by Vskills
  • JMeter: Performance and Load Testing (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Advanced JMeter (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Performance Testing Course with JMeter and Blazemeter
  • Learn JMeter (Latest 5.2) by Pawan Kumar (Udemy)
  • Performance Testing Using JMeter (Edureka)
  • Introduction to API Testing using JMeter Tool (Coursera)
  • Software Testing (Udacity)
  • Performance Testing Training (MindMajix)

Certified JMeter Tester by Vskills


JMeter is an open source load testing & performance testing automation tool. It is very widely used in IT industry & can be integrated with various other apis like Selenium, SOAP/REST, Databases JDBC etc. to measure the complete performance of a Web Application. Additionally, There are many features available in JMeter to form up a good performance testing framework. Furthermore, In this certification you will master JMeter tool and also learn how to perform extensive performance and load testing.

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JMeter: Performance and Load Testing (LinkedIn Learning)

Learn how to develop and run load tests with Apache JMeter, a popular open-source performance testing tool, to help you identify performance issues in your product. Mike Smith walks you through installing and configuring JMeter and JRE on Windows, as well as creating and running your first load test. Mike also explains how to improve your load test by including timers and assertions, how to run your load test using the CLI, and how to display your findings in a variety of ways by establishing an HTML dashboard at CLI runtime.

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Advanced JMeter (LinkedIn Learning)

This course covers advanced JMeter techniques and suggestions, aimed at helping software testers and engineers get even more out of JMeter. Michael Smith, a technology researcher with more than ten years of software testing experience, demonstrates how to record test scripts to capture activities and replay them in a browser. He also demonstrates how to load test APIs, log in to web apps for testing, and generate new login requests from a data source such as CSV files. Moreover, Learn how to use JMeter to do distributed load testing with a master-server configuration. Take your JMeter talents to the next level with these pointers.

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Performance Testing Course with JMeter and Blazemeter

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of JMeter. It will show you how to conduct performance testing correctly. At the end of the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion. Furthermore, Abstracta US teaches the Performance Testing Course with JMeter and Blazemeter, which is available on Udemy. This course has already attracted more than 5,709 students.

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Learn JMeter (Latest 5.2) by Pawan Kumar (Udemy)

This online course will teach you all there is to know about JMeter. It will show you how to conduct performance and API testing appropriately. A certificate of completion is available for download at the end of the course. Furthermore, Pavan Kumar, a test architect, freelance trainer, instructor, and YouTuber, teaches the Learn JMeter (Latest 5.2) course. Also, This class, which can be accessed on Udemy, already has 1,607 students registered at the time of posting.

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Performance Testing Using JMeter (Edureka)

The Performance Testing Using JMeter course from Edureka gives you an understanding of how software behaves under demand. Moreover, This course will teach you how to check software reaction time and latency, as well as how to determine if a software package is suitable for scalability. The course will teach you how to test an application’s strength and examine its overall performance under various load conditions.

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Introduction to API Testing using JMeter Tool (Coursera)

Your instructor will lead you through these steps in a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area: Introduction to API Testing and submitting a GET request, Understanding the JSON response and applying filters to the GET request are two steps in the process. Adding variables that are defined by the user Adding JSON Assertion to a JSON Response, Adding JSON Assertion to a JSON Response. Furthermore, Adding JSON Assertion to a JSON Response and Adding JSON Assertion to a J POST requests. Moreover, PUT requests, and DELETE requests are all possible.

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Software Testing (Udacity)

When it comes to software development, destruction is just as valuable as creation. Discover alternative testing methods that can help you design better software as you learn how to catch defects and break software.

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 Performance Testing Training (MindMajix)

MindMajix offers the best Performance Testing training for all levels of persons to become experts in doing load, spike, stress, and soak testing on software applications or components. This training course will teach you all you need to know about performance testing, from the basics to the many types of tests and how to generate reports using Silk Performer Explorer. Learners can select between two types of instruction: self-paced learning and live online training, depending on their preferences. You’ll receive a certificate of completion from MindMajix once you’ve completed the course.

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These were the 9 Best Jmeter Courses & Certification. We hope this article helped you to choose the best certification matching your needs.

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