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  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
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  • Online exam.

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Why should I take this certification?

JMeter is an open source load testing & performance testing automation tool. It is very widely used in IT industry & can be integrated with various other apis like Selenium, SOAP/REST, Databases JDBC etc to measure the complete performance of a Web Application. There are many features available in JMeter to form up a good performance testing framework. In this certification you will master JMeter tool and learn how to perform extensive performance and load testing.

Study & Learn

  • Running & Configuring Jmeter
  • How to build a test plan
  • Elements of a Test Plan
  • How to build a Web Test Plan( Basic to advanced)
  • How to build a database test
  • How to buid an FTP and an LDAP test
  • Building a Webservice & JMS point to point test plan
  • Building a monitor test
  • Remote Testing
  • Loading test web apps
  • Functions & regular expressions

How will I benefit from this certification?

Performance is an important factor for any IT organisation. Poor performance causes massive damages for websites & software programs. Thus It's essential to improve & monitor the performance of an application on a regular basis. It is an important part of software testing. On completing this certification you will be able to design effective performance tests with Jmeter. Performance testing is one of the most important and rewarding jobs.

In this Jmeter Certification Course, you will learn all the skills necessary to become a successful performance tester. Jmeter Professionals are in great demand & Companies specializing in websites and web-based application testing are constantly hiring knowledgeable professionals. Various web development and software companies also need Jmeter professional for performance testing projects.

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Jmeter as a testing toll has a lot of demand, top tier companies are looking for certified professionals, companies include Citrix, Bosch, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, Infosys, Mindtree, Dell etc.

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  • History
  • The Future
  • Improvements
  • Test plan building
  • Requirements
  • Optional
  • Installation
  • Running JMeter
  • Configuring JMeter

Building a Test Plan

  • Adding and Removing Elements
  • Loading and Saving Elements
  • Configuring Tree Elements
  • Saving the Test Plan
  • Running a Test Plan
  • Stopping a Test
  • Error reporting

Elements of a Test Plan

  • Test Plan
  • Thread Group
  • Controllers
  • Listeners
  • Timers
  • Assertions
  • Configuration Elements
  • Pre-Processor Elements
  • Post-Processor Elements
  • Execution order
  • Scoping Rules
  • Properties and Variables
  • Using Variables to parameterise tests

Building a Web Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding Default HTTP Request Properties
  • Adding Cookie Support
  • Adding HTTP Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View Store the Test Results
  • Logging in to a web-site
  • Choose the same user or different users

Building an Advanced Web Test Plan

  • Handling User Sessions With URL Rewriting
  • Using a Header Manager

Building a Database Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding JDBC Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results

Building an FTP Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding Default FTP Request Properties
  • Adding FTP Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results

Building an LDAP Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding Login Config Element
  • Adding LDAP Request Defaults
  • Adding LDAP Requests
  • Adding a Response Assertion
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results
  • Building an Extended LDAP Test Plan
  • Adding Users
  • Adding LDAP Extended Request Defaults
  • Adding LDAP Requests
  • Adding a Listener to View/Store the Test Results

Building a WebService Test Plan

  • Creating WebService Test Plan
  • Adding Users
  • Adding a Listener to View Store the Test Results
  • Rest Webservice

Building a JMS Point-to-Point Test Plan

  • Adding a Thread Group
  • Adding JMS Point-to-Point Sampler
  • Adding a Listener to View Store the Test Results

Building a JMS Topic Test Plan

  • Adding Users
  • Adding JMS Subscriber and Publisher
  • Adding a Listener to View Store the Test Results

Jmeter Listeners

  • Default Configuration
  • CLI mode (batch) test runs
  • Resource usage
  • CSV Log format
  • XML Log format 2.1
  • XML Log format 2.2
  • Sample Attributes
  • Saving Response Data
  • Loading (reading) response data
  • Saving Listener GUI data

Remote Testing

  • Setting up SSL
  • Doing it Manually
  • Tips
  • Using a different port
  • Using a different sample sender
  • Dealing with nodes that failed starting
  • Using a security-manager

Report Dashboard

  • Overview
  • Configuring Dashboard Generation
  • Generating Reports
  • Default graphs
  • Generating customs graphs over time

Real-Time Results

  • Metrics exposed
  • JMeter configuration
  • InfluxDB database configuration
  • Grafana configuration

Best Practices

  • Always use latest version of JMeter
  • Use the correct Number of Threads
  • Where to Put the Cookie Manager
  • Where to Put the Authorization Manager
  • Using the HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
  • User variables
  • Reducing Resource Requirements
  • BeanShell server
  • BeanShell scripting
  • Developing script functions in Groovy or Jexl3 etc.
  • Parameterising tests
  • JSR223 Elements
  • Sharing variables between threads and thread groups
  • Managing properties
  • Deprecated elements

Help! My boss wants me to load test our application!

  • Questions to ask
  • Resources
  • What platform should I use to run the benchmarks/load-tests?
  • Tools
  • How can I enhance JMeter?
  • Why Java?

Functions and Variables

  • What can functions do
  • Where can functions and variables be used?
  • How to reference variables and functions
  • The Function Helper Dialog
  • Functions
  • Pre-defined Variables
  • Pre-defined Properties

Regular Expressions

  • Overview
  • Examples
  • Line mode
  • Meta characters
  • Placement of modifiers
  • Testing Regular Expressions


  • FTP Request
  • HTTP Request
  • JDBC Request
  • LDAP Request

Logic Controllers

  • Simple Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Once Only Controller
  • Interleave Controller
  • Random Controller
  • Random Order Controller
  • Throughput Controller
  • If Controller
  • While Controller
  • Switch Controller
  • Switch Controller
  • ForEach Controller
  • Module Controller
  • Include Controller

Hints and Tips

  • Passing variables between threads
  • Enabling Debug logging
  • Searching
  • JMeter with a HiDPI screen on Linux or Windows
  • Autosave process configuration
  • Adding Elements with Hotkeys
  • Glossary

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