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NeoLoad is a performance testing tool used to evaluate the performance, reliability, and scalability of web and mobile applications. It helps in simulating user behavior under various load conditions to assess how the application behaves in real-life scenarios.

Note: Please note that only assessment is provided and no learning resources will be provided.

Why should one take NeoLoad Testing Certification?

The Vskills NeoLoad Testing Certification course caters to professionals and graduates aiming to excel in their respective fields. It's an ideal fit for working individuals seeking career advancement through certification.
This certification empowers candidates to stand out in a competitive job market, expand their job prospects by showcasing advanced skills, and potentially lead to increased earning potential.

Who will benefit from taking NeoLoad Testing Certification?

Individuals seeking employment in software testing and performance testing departments across diverse industries can significantly enhance their career prospects by acquiring Neoload certification.
This certification not only strengthens a student's skill set, making their CV more robust, but it also empowers current employees to demonstrate the value of their expertise to employers, potentially paving the way for career advancements and better roles within their organizations.

NeoLoad Testing Table of Contents


NeoLoad Testing Practice Questions


NeoLoad Testing Interview Questions


Companies that hire NeoLoad Testing Professionals

NeoLoad Testing professionals are in great demand, especially it companies are looking for skilled NeoLoad Testing Professionals. Here is the list of some of the companies hiring NeoLoad Testing Professionals, IBM, Barclays, Accenture, JP Morgan, Siemens, Capgemini, Flipkart, Amazon, Toptal, Mindtree, Genpact, HSBC etc.

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Performance Testing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to performance testing
  • Types of performance testing (Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing, etc.)
  • Performance testing process and methodologies

Neoload Basics

  • Neoload architecture and components
  • Installation and setup of Neoload
  • Understanding Neoload workspaces and projects

Scripting in Neoload

  • Recording user scenarios
  • Enhancing scripts using variables and parameters
  • Validating and parameterizing scripts

Scenario Design and Execution

  • Creating scenarios in Neoload
  • Configuring load policies and workload distribution
  • Executing and monitoring test scenarios

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Real-time monitoring of performance metrics
  • Analyzing test results and performance indicators
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks using Neoload

Advanced Neoload Features

  • Correlation and handling dynamic data
  • Script debugging and troubleshooting
  • Integrations with CI/CD tools and third-party systems

Performance Engineering Concepts

  • Understanding performance goals and objectives
  • Performance tuning and optimization strategies
  • Best practices in performance testing and engineering

Reporting and Documentation

  • Generating and customizing test reports
  • Documenting test scenarios and results
  • Communication of performance findings to stakeholders

Neoload Best Practices

  • Best practices for script creation and maintenance
  • Recommendations for workload modeling and simulation
  • Strategies for efficient resource usage in Neoload

Case Studies and Hands-on Practice

  • Simulations using Neoload
  • Case studies demonstrating various performance testing scenarios

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