NeoLoad Testing Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content

Performance Testing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to performance testing
  • Types of performance testing (Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing, etc.)
  • Performance testing process and methodologies

Neoload Basics

  • Neoload architecture and components
  • Installation and setup of Neoload
  • Understanding Neoload workspaces and projects

Scripting in Neoload

  • Recording user scenarios
  • Enhancing scripts using variables and parameters
  • Validating and parameterizing scripts

Scenario Design and Execution

  • Creating scenarios in Neoload
  • Configuring load policies and workload distribution
  • Executing and monitoring test scenarios

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Real-time monitoring of performance metrics
  • Analyzing test results and performance indicators
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks using Neoload

Advanced Neoload Features

  • Correlation and handling dynamic data
  • Script debugging and troubleshooting
  • Integrations with CI/CD tools and third-party systems

Performance Engineering Concepts

  • Understanding performance goals and objectives
  • Performance tuning and optimization strategies
  • Best practices in performance testing and engineering

Reporting and Documentation

  • Generating and customizing test reports
  • Documenting test scenarios and results
  • Communication of performance findings to stakeholders

Neoload Best Practices

  • Best practices for script creation and maintenance
  • Recommendations for workload modeling and simulation
  • Strategies for efficient resource usage in Neoload

Case Studies and Hands-on Practice

  • Simulations using Neoload
  • Case studies demonstrating various performance testing scenarios


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