5 decision making by managers and team leaders

5 must haves for decision making by managers and team leaders


Decision making y team leaders and managers is part and parcel of their daily work in organization. A wrong decision results in lots of unwanted outcomes and hence, managers and team leaders should be careful in decision making. Five essentials for decision making in corporate environments are

1. Make sure you’re looking at the real issue

Suppose that your superior is concerned about spoilt work and has set a goal of 5 % improvement in the quality of the work produced by your team. Rather than assume that team members just need to work harder, you would need to find the root of the problem. For example, is there a lack of proper training? Is poor equipment being used, are team members aware of standards?

2. Make sure a decision is really necessary and appropriate

Are you overreaching to a single incident? A single incident may not reveal a pattern or a situation that’s serious enough to warrant action on your part. At other times, a decision should be left to someone else-if’ it’s not your responsibility. If this is the case, your can play your part by communicating your concerns to the responsible person.

3. Consider the time-scale involved

This will affect how you approach the situation. If the time-scale hasn’t been set for you, it’s important to set a reasonable date or time for reaching a decision. You need to allow enough time to gather necessary information. At the same time, you should avoid delaying a decision if this would cause danger or waste resources.

4. Consider other factors that might help define or limit your decision

There may be policies in your organization that limit your options. Also, you may need to consider legal or financial factors, as well as the impact on other sections of your organization.

5. Define the goals and priorities of your decision

Once you know that a decision is necessary-and you know what limits you have to work with- clarify what you want to accomplish(and in what order). Then, take action!

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