5 Best Underwriter Certifications and Online Courses to Learn in 2022

5 Best Underwriter Certifications and Online Courses to Learn in 2022

Underwriters are definitely vital members of any financial organization as they play a crucial role in helping organizations determine whether or not to take on a contract. Even though COVID-19 has had unprecedented impacts on the global economy and job market but even then underwriters are in high demand. So, if you have decided to build a career in underwriting then it’s a really good decision but you should know that companies prefer hiring candidates who not only claim to possess essential skills for the designation but also possess relevant certifications that validate their abilities. Hence, here we provide you with the list of 5 Best Underwriter Certifications and Online Courses to Learn in 2022 to help you choose the ideal course for you. Let’s begin with knowing the skills required for the interested candidates.

Recommended skills

To begin with, let’s discuss the basic skills that one is recommended have before going for a certification course in underwriting-

  • Statistical knowledge
  • Mathematical skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Technical knowledge
  • Writing skills
  • Good communication

5 Best Underwriter Certifications and Online Courses to Learn in 2022

Enrolling in a certification program that complements your interest is not an easy task as there are several online platforms offering numerous courses to fulfill your needs. Therefore, here we are to help you out by discussing the 5 Best Underwriter Certifications and Online Courses to Learn in 2022 that would give you an idea about which of these programs suits your needs the best. So, without any further waste of time let’s directly look at what we are here for-

1. Certified Underwriter Course by Vskills

This government certification program is designed to teach you the fundamental principles of underwriting along with its management. It emphasizes testing you on major areas of underwriting such as its process, basics, product designing, product pricing, underwriting in India, SEBI laws, and recent trends in claim management. Moreover, some other important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course are given below.


Course Details

  • Government certified
  • Learning hours- 12 hrs
  • Price- Rs 3499
  • E-learning access- Lifelong

Course Outline

  • Meaning and Fundamental of Underwriting
  • Underwriting & Pricing of Product
  • Underwriting in India
  • Trends in Claim

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2. Underwriting of Shares and Debentures – A Refresher Course by Udemy

This self-paced online course provides you with fundamental knowledge of the underwriting of shares and debentures. It enables you to easily solve case studies in the underwriting of shares and debentures with a high level of confidence. Moreover, it prepares you to handle real-world problems with clarity and efficiency.


Course Details

  • Duration- 1 hr
  • Full lifetime access
  • Fees- Rs 385
  • 1 article and 1 downloadable resource
  • Rating- 4

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Underwriting commission
  • Disclosure requirement under companies act
  • Firm underwriting
  • Last section

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3. Credit Risk and Underwriting Prodegree by Imarticus learning

This course provides you with a hands-on learning experience in credit risk and underwriting as it allows you to explore five comprehensive case studies. The case studies in this course are linked to a different aspect of the curriculum that provides you with a chance to apply your skills and gain a deep understanding of how actually credit risks, as well as underwriting, works.

Course Outline

  • Macroeconomic overview
  • Credit elements
  • Credit administration
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Credit underwriting

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4. Associate in Commercial Underwriting (AU™) by The Institutes

This course provides you with practical knowledge of commercial underwriting principles and how has emerging technology and data analytics transformed underwriting. It includes three compulsory core courses, three elective courses, and an ethical module, on the completion of which you’ll gain a good understanding of the subject. Thus, this comprehensive course helps in deepening your knowledge of commercial underwriting. Moreover, some other important details of this program are as follows-

Core and elective courses

  • Evaluating Commercial Underwriting Risks
  • Underwriting Organizations’ Property Risks
  • Underwriting Organizations’ Liability Risks
  • Addressing Commercial Property Risk
  • Addressing Commercial Liability Risk
  • Understanding Commercial Risk

5. Commercial Processing & Underwriting by Mortgage training center

This is an instructor-led course that provides an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of commercial loan processing to new and seasoned mortgage processors alike. Moreover, it covers the operation of commercial lending, including the borrower types that are considered, risk factors, the way loans progress via the credit process, and how are loans serviced.

Course Details

  • Duration- 6 hrs
  • Fees- $395
  • Instructor-led

Topics covered

  1. How commercial loans are regulated, serviced, and reported
  2. Structure of commercial sales and credit teams
  3. The five C’s of credit
  4. What does a commercial credit and loan request look like?
  5. Borrowers and guarantors
  6. What are financial spreads?
  7. What happens when a loan doesn’t perform

We hope this blog will prove to be insightful and will help you decide the best course for you. So, stop waiting and start learning; directly enroll in any of the above programs and kick-start your career as an underwriter.


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