Your Thoughts Become Things!!

Your Thoughts Become Things!!

Your Thoughts Become Things!!

Why do we have a life? What is the reason of our existence? Are we here only to suffer and endure the sin of ‘Adam’? Or God is planning something unusual for us or have given chance to us by our guardian angel to correct the sin of our forefather? Can we manage the ups and down in our life well? If something bad happens we say it’s our destiny; but is it really so? Or it’s something that may be we are not aware of?
Questions are many but answers are few. The answer lies in the simplest question: can we keep it simple? Most of us don’t understand the significance of word ‘simple’. Have you ever wondered why we blame our destiny or luck if something wrong happen to us?

In reality, there are no accidents and bad lucks. These are all just the framework of our mind and hence, this where the necessity of positive thinking arises. The prominent writer Rhonda Byrne writes,” your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts”. This is absolutely right. As long as your are blessed with positive thoughts till then you will have a very lightened and relieved life, but once the devil(negativity) pay for your thoughts then it will definitely digs a pit for you .

Even, many philosophers feel that mind is a like a magnet, emitting and receiving frequencies to and from the universe. ‘Mind’ has the power to fulfill your each and every desire- to buy a new house or a car, or to be rich, it will come to you if you know how to control your mind. In additional to this, too many negative thoughts can put you in the path of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Have you imagined is there really a need to let these complications enter our mind? Impatiently, the answer is no undoubtedly. Then why, we are unnecessarily overburdening our mind with such negative and unfavorable thoughts when there is no need of it. Remember “Life is too short to handle; though live each and every second of your lifelike a festival”.

“And always keep in mind that the unseen enemy is always the most fearsome. So think positive, avoid over thinking and jealousy and live in peace and harmony.”

“ Think Positive, Feel Positive, Live Positive!!”

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