POPULATION STATS : Defines the World Policies


11 July, UN celebrates World Population Day to mark upon the concerns related to world population figures &studies. This year WPD2015 themed upon ‘Vulnerable Population in Emergencies’ – specially focus on youth and women which were neglected. The Family planning are a cost effective way to address many needs of world’s vulnerable people.  An urge to live longer, high standard of living, better nutrition, availability of health service, and greater investment in public health is an inevitable to address.

In order to get sustained world development and holistic policies by various government agencies, an innovative approach is required to address the population challenges. A major thrust areas to provide a healthy food, empowerment with education and safe drinking water. Due to growing concerns over Women’s safety &Youth Empowerment is solution to contemporary issues of world population.

The World population about to edge of 7 billion in 2011, it is both a challenge and an opportunity. In current situation some part of world facing issues of poverty, forcibly displacements, terrorism, high inflation and uncertainty in economic growth rates. In order to combat the diverse challenges there is a need of education, employment, skill development initiatives and better infrastructural support &services.

A major risk &vulnerable section of world particularly, being faced by women and girl child due to uprising violence &crime, abuse, sexual exploitation, violence and forced marriage. To Safeguard the Women dignity, education, safety, health & protection will be prime objective of society to be flourish &cherish.

Upcoming generations will bound to be get effected if present situation are not being held to examine critically. The government all over the world are needed to revamp the present situation through incurring innovative policies, strengthen  measures and creative initiatives.

There is a large number of young people entering their childbearing years will result in population for decades to come, a Phenomena called Population Momentum.  Better Planning, Better will be Our Approach!

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