Why Technical Skills are so important?


Be from any background, you do need a sound knowledge of technologies. Nowadays, not being able to operate a Personal Computer itself is considered very bad. Sometimes people do wonder as to why is it so necessary to have this knowledge? Actually, it is! Rather than the piled up files of hard copy, people prefer soft copy because Managing a Database is simpler than managing loads of files piled up on the table. This is the reason why everything is turning online nowadays. Most of us do not get time for going to the bank and standing in the queue for a long time.

There is when online banking comes to the role. Paying the electricity bill can be done online now, reservations and booking as well. What not is online nowadays?! The organizations that do not provide the online facilities are not considered advanced and efficient enough nowadays. In fact, one can start a business online !! People are becoming successful entrepreneurs and company founders overnight through online business solutions and e-commerce.  Your thoughts are valued online!! This is not only the reason why technical skills are important, but this is also important at large for India. In this competitive world where we are surrounded by fully developed nations, we are still lagging being the developing nation. Although, it is within a short period since independence that we have reached this stage of development, but we can very easily turn to a developed nation to just develop. It is time now and this is what the Prime Minister of our nation tries to do. Out of all the visions and goals that the PM, Narendra Modi has set, one of the aims is Skill India. This aims at making most of the people of this nation skilled with technicality and many skills that can make them capable of making a livelihood and excel in life. With this small step at every village of India, the whole nation at large will be skilled and technically sound.

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