Why Smile!!

Why Smile

Smiling is universal human gesture. In his travels, Charles Darwin discovered that smiling was the only facial expression which was recognised instantly all over the world. A smile is easy to see . It is possible to recognise a smile on someone’s face at a distance of 45 metres. You’d have to be much closer to decide whether the person was showing surprise , anger or fear.

It takes only one facial muscle to smile. This is theย zygomatic major muscle,ย which reaches down from the cheekbone to the corners of the lips. To look sad or angry , you need to use at least two muscles.

Now if we talk about health, smiles are good for your health.ย Studies in the USA have shown that when you smile your heart rate slows down ,your blood pressure goes down and the body begins to relax. This happens whether whether you are feeling happy or not. In fact ,if you’re feeling unhappy, the simple act of smiling is the first step to feeling better.

A smiles makes you attractive. According to American dentists, an attractive smile should show most of the upper teeth, at least two thirds of the length, and just the tips of the lower teeth.

When you smile a real one, two things happen to your face : your lips move up towards your cheeks themselves go up and gather in the skin around eyes. And a real smile will usually only last for up to 4 seconds. False smiles are seen mostly on the faces of salesman:p. False smiles usually appear slightly too early or too late ,and they tend to go on for too long.

But if you really want to know if smile is real or false ,look at the eyes. They brighten up. In false smile they don’t change -however much the person has practiced smiling.

so from now keep smiling coz it looks attractive and is good for health and now you can figure out the difference between false smile and true smile:)

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