What is the future of the Go programming language?

Go (also called Golang or Go language) is an open-source programming language used for general purposes. Golang is one of the in-demand skills and rising programming languages and it makes sense to learn Golang in 2022 to develop better software in a quicker time.

Go programming language was designed by Google to solve Google’s problem with respect to developing software at scale. Google develops works on millions of lines of code on a daily basis, mostly written in C++ and lots of Java and Python. The Software development happens on a single source code repository, but the path from writing code to software programs that runs on millions of machine was slow and clumsy.

Is Golang Worth Learning in 2022?

Golang is also one of the swift-growing languages in terms of fashionability, which means learning Go can open new doors of occasion and can also help you to get a job in Google, given they use Golang a lot. However, it’s a great time to pick up the basics of Golang, If you’re perfecting your tech skills.

Now that you know what’s the Go Programming language or Golang, it’s time to see the useful resources to learn Golang in 2022.

Why Learn Go Programming Language?

It was created by Google to break Google-sized problems. This has made it veritably popular with other companies working on massive scaling challenges. It’s also one of the easy-growing programming languages enforced in the last ten times.

These factors is equal to great job prospects. There are,20000 LinkedIn job bulletins listed for Go programmers( just in the United States) and their average payment is$100,000/ time, according to ZipRecruiter.
So, yes, surely Golang is worth learning in 2022 and further. Learning Golang or Gol Programming language can boost your career and also help you to get a job at Google, which is the dream of numerous software inventors.

And, if you want to learn Golang in 2022 also these Golang online courses are the best resources to start with. There are literally various factors on which Go developers can argue why one should learn Go programming. But here, I will list down some of my top reasons that make Golang unique, or at least, gives it an edge over others.

  1. Backed By Google

It might not be the only reason why anyone should learn Go. But whether you accept it or not, Google backing surely gives Go an edge. As of now, Google is one of the leading players in pall structure & it’s gauged too. Google created Go to break their problems of effectiveness & scalability.

2. Easy to use, maintain and handle

Golang has a neat & clean syntax, and because its syntax is similar to syntax, it’s veritably easy to understand & learn. And if you’re Java or C- style programmer, nothing better could be for you. Also, it’s veritably different from other languages as well. On comparison, it’s as effective as C or C++& writing code is as easy as Python or Ruby.

When compared to other languages, its syntax is lower & includes minimalistic features needed for completing any given task. At the core, it includes some of the many orthogonal, simple features that can be used in combination in colorful ways. Apart from these, it also has huge & expansive attestation that can help you to learn any generalities from the ground up. To make it more simple for a programmer, it lacks some complicated features similar as

  1. Classes- in Golang, everything is divided into packages & has structs rather than classes.
    2. heritage- Lack of heritage makes it easy for anyone to modify the law.
    3. No reflections
    4. Lacks constructors
    5. No generics & exceptions
    All these effects together make Golang a simple and easy language to learn, read, write, maintain & handle.

Runs Directly on Underlying hardware

The main reason why programmers consider C or C++ over ultramodern languages like Python or Java is the performance. C/ C++ has great performance because it’s collected & not interpreted.

Everyone knows that processors understand binaries. While erecting an app using Java or any other Java-grounded language, compendium results in collecting the human-readable code into the byte- code that’s understood by JVM or any other virtual machines running on top of the operating system. Upon prosecution, these JVM or VMs interpret & convert the bytecodes into binaries so that a processor can understand it.
Contrary to this, upon collecting in C/ C++, the prosecution doesn’t take place in VMs and this removes one step from the prosecution cycle eventually, adding the performance.

In C/ C++ or any other analogous languages, the code is directly collected from human-readable form to binaries. Coming back to Golang, you get the best of both worlds! Just like C or C++or any other low-position programming language, Go is a collected language bringing the performance nearly original to the lower-position languages. On the other hand, it also includes junking of objects & scrap collection for allocation.

Purpose Of Golang

Created with an aim to give effectiveness, Go was designed to handle a huge number of competitive but independent requests that any program receives simultaneously. Secondly, it was also created to enhance the effectiveness & effectiveness of a programmer with its simple syntax. It significantly helps in writing codes instantly & fluently.

Golang has created a standard law format so that programs can be checked anytime. It also has an erected- IDE tool that allows automated formatting. On top of this, you don’t have to main for long until it’s assembled to check whether your program works or not, because, it also offers an easy & quick compendium as well. In Go, all law lies in one place, hence it’s accessible for anyone to work with dependences while working with Go.

What Is The Average Salary of Go Developers?

Go developers are one of the highest-paid developers in the industry across all over the world.

USA- $135,750/Year

India- ₹1,147,588/year

Big companies which use Golang
  1. Google
  2. Dropbox
  3. IBM
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Yahoo
  7. Yandex
  8. Mozilla
  9. Soundcloud
  10. eBay

With this, I’ll wrap this blog. Till now, we’ve learned the basics of Go programming language, its history & all the work performances of Golang. We’ve seen how Golang & its features have evolved over the decade, the purpose behind creating Go programming language & all the issues that it has answered for the programmers, every feature contributes equally to its rapid rise among the giants of the programming world. 

You’ve read how the ease & simplicity of Go programming gives it a redundant edge over others. We’ve also checked top countries & big associations that are using the power of Go programming language. Also, in the salary part, we have also found out that the salary of Go developers is among the highest in the industry. I’ll hope that it was inversely delightful for you to read as it was for me to write this composition!

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