What is the future of Selenium Automation testing as a career?

What is the future of Selenium Automation testing as a career?

Selenium is unquestionably one of the best tools available to assist developers with automation testing when talking about web testing tools. As a result, there is a growing need for Selenium Web Testers, and that need will only grow exponentially in the future. According to Business Wire, Selenium has grown to be the most well-liked of all web testing tools, with a massive 300 percent increase in job postings over the previous three years. In this post, we will know what the future hold for careers in Selenium Automation testing.

About Selenium

Web applications are validated using Selenium Automation Testing, a free open-source automated testing framework, on a variety of platforms and web browsers. To create Selenium Test Scripts, many programming languages are used, including Java, C#, Python, etc. Selenium is one of the most well-known web testing tools, which is quite noteworthy. Additionally, there has been a high demand for selenium experts in recent years, which has given all selenium web testers a variety of opportunities.

However, it is regarded as one of the most crucial and rewarding skills for obtaining good employment and Automated Testing. Selenium Automation Testing Professionals are in high demand as a result of the frequent hiring of knowledgeable experts by reputable businesses that specialize in testing websites and web-based applications. Selenium further has four parts: the Selenium IDE, the Selenium RC, the Selenium WebDriver, and the Selenium Grid.

When you think of the future of Selenium Automation testing, you must be concerned about certain aspects like salary, what domains can you explore and which companies might hire you, or what qualifications will make you one of the best in your field. Let us answer similar questions one by one!

Job Salary Perspectives for Selenium Automation tester

Let’s now discuss how Selenium job salaries differ based on an employee’s skill set, the number of years of industry experience, and the companies they work for. As they determine the range in job salaries among employees—even those working for the same company—skill sets and experience factors matter the most among these in the automation testing field.

The Senior Automation Engineer salary scales up to $800,000 annually in India, but the average pay scale for Selenium Automation Test Engineers is around $442,000. It’s interesting to note that these numbers have no maximum, according to Glassdoor.

On the other hand, according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a Selenium Tester in the US is between US$21k and US$162k.

With more experience in a given field, there is almost always a great chance that one’s salary will rise. However, one should keep in mind that there is no shortcut to experience; in order to pursue a lucrative career, one must continue to actively involve in this field. Selenium testers have the potential for tremendous career growth. They can always learn new skills to advance themselves, look forward to senior positions, and thus succeed in their career path after beginning as trainees.

Companies That may hire a Selenium Automation tester

Selenium would be a cream puff for us if we are prepared to delve deeply into Software Testing and acquire advanced-level expertise in it. For career advancement, we can always improve our skills. Testing is the “most popular phase of software delivery in which Artificial Intelligence can be applied,” according to Forrester research.

Since most businesses will always need software for a variety of purposes, and since no piece of software ever exists without bugs, using this free and simple tool will guarantee us a successful career. Numerous multinational corporations (MNCs) like Facebook, Microsoft, Cognizant, HP, Accenture, and others rely on Selenium and use it extensively for testing. They work with Selenium testers who have extensive knowledge and certification.

In a software development process, the fields of development and testing are constantly in need of talented testers who can assist with the quick release of new versions and the maintenance of the software. Automation testing is a cutting-edge field. Due to the many advantages that Selenium offers, it is a popular tool that tempts us to consider a career in Selenium Testing.

Selenium professional: Responsibilities and Roles

These professionals must give their all because their work is extremely demanding. Let’s now talk about some of these professionals’ primary roles and duties:

  • They are in charge of creating, maintaining, and running Selenium-based automated test scripts.
  • performing tasks like improving the Selenium-developed automation framework that is currently in place.
  • integrating Jenkins CloudBee with Selenium scripts.
  • maintaining test traceability Cases to the test scripts for automation.
  • Creating a test strategy and approach for automation.
  • Control automation operations.
  • keeping meticulous records of test results.
  • Create a historical examination of test outcomes.
  • Recognizing and documenting how maintenance of test scripts is affected by changes to the software product.

Skills Needed

These are some of the skills that you require –

  • programming expertise in languages like Python, Java, C#, etc.
  • aware of the network.
  • understanding of web applications.
  • For automation, you should have the bare minimum of skills (MVS).
  • software administration.

Apart from being an automation tester, you can also discover other roles which can offer you handsome packages. Let us discover some of them –

Automation Specialist

Anyone with technical aptitude who wants to work in the technology industry may find automation engineering to be a rewarding career. As technology develops, demand for automation engineers will follow suit. These experts test software to verify and contrast the output received with the output anticipated or assumed.

Annual Average Salary: INR 4.8 lakhs

Lead Mobile Testing

A mobile testing lead’s responsibility is to test mobile and web applications to make sure that customers get high-quality goods. All mobile test engineers must occasionally carry out a variety of tasks, including software testing, operating system updates, and bug reporting. Additionally, this is a flourishing career, so anyone interested in pursuing it should think about it.

Annual Average Salary: INR 2.5 lakhs

Senior Engineer for QA Automation

An effective test automation solution is provided by QA automation engineers, who also write scripts, create automated tests to limit the functionality of web and mobile applications, install testing protocols, and create automated tests. Additionally, QA engineering is a well-paying profession with a rapidly rising salary. These experts are responsible for the development and implementation of inspection activities, the identification and correction of issues, and the delivery of goods.

Average Salary: 6.4 lakh Indian Rupees annually

Software Engineer in Test Development

These experts are in charge of reading all scripts and documents that assist the team in minimizing duplication of effort. They are required to carry out extremely responsible tasks, such as building automation frameworks and allowing other SDETs to write tests utilizing those frameworks. Additionally, the role of an SDET Developer in Test is expanding due to the development of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Testing. As a result, it is among your best options for a career.

average annual salary: INR 4.2 lakhs

Best Selenium Certification for Career

As was mentioned, obtaining a professional certification will undoubtedly help you expand your horizons and boost your visibility. Professional Selenium certifications will also help you demonstrate your expertise and increase your earning potential. There are numerous certifications available for application. Now, some of the entry-level and advanced certifications are as follows:

The next thought after learning about the different certifications is to find the best certification provider and learning environments to facilitate better learning. You can become a Certified Selenium Professional through a number of certification bodies, including:

  • Vskills – India’s Largest Certification Body
  • Edureka
  • Udemy
  • Simplilearn
  • Coursera


Selenium has begun to gain ground with the general public due to advancements in the field of software development, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the near future. The role of the test engineer has grown in importance with the development of Agile testing and DevOps, and businesses now require talented and skilled individuals who can manage the workload in this industry.

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