What is the easiest way to learn Angular 4 from scratch?

What is the easiest way to learn Angular 4 from scratch?

Since innovations constantly adapt and grow, staying competitive in the job market is one of the most difficult obstacles developers face today. If you want to advance in your career as a web or smartphone application development, learning Angular 4 is a worthy investment that will provide you with new work opportunities.

What exactly is Angular 4? Angular has increasingly developed into newer iterations in recent years, progressing from version 1.0 (AngularJS) to Angular 2 and Angular 4. Angular 4 is the most recent edition of Angular, having been released in March of this year. It’s a front-end web development framework built with TypeScript. Here are some details of why you should practice Angular 4 if you’re considering a profession that needs Angular expertise and how to learn it.

What is Angular 4?

Angular is a Google-developed and maintained open-source web development platform. It solves programming problems by combining declarative models, end-to-end tooling, dependency injection, and advanced best practices. It is revised on a regular basis to improve usability and developer efficiency.

Angular 4 is a JavaScript architecture for creating mobile applications and frameworks in JavaScript, HTML, and TypeScript (a JavaScript superset). Angular comes with built-in animation, http support, and materials, which include features like auto-complete, navigation, toolbar, and menus. The code is written in TypeScript, and is then translated into JavaScript and displayed in the browser.

Characteristics of Angular 4

Angular 4 is a complete rewrite of AngularJS, but it is an improvement on Angular 2. It is designed in a completely different way. The following are some of the characteristics that distinguish Angular 4 from previous Angular versions:

Typescript 2.1+ compatibility

The two recent versions of TypeScript, namely 2.1 and 2.2, are supported by Angular 4. This has improved the ngc rate and allowed for better type checking.


Angular 4 supports the two most recent versions of TypeScript, respectively 2.1 and 2.2. The ngc rate has improved as a result, and form checking has improved as well.

Improved *nglf and *ngFor

You will use an if/else interface syntax in your models in Angular 4. You may also use a local variable to determine whether or not to unroll an observable.

A new View Engine that produces less code in Ahead of Time (AoT) mode

Unlike the ‘’Just in Time” mode, which compiles templates at runtime, the AoT mode compiles templates during the build, with the JS code produced afterward. This has a number of benefits, including the ability to find out if the template is wrong during the construction process. The disadvantage of AOT is that the created JS code is typically larger than the uncompiled HTML templates. When using AOT mode in Angular 4, the View Engine has been improved to reduce generated code by approximately 60%.

Animation package

Animations have been extracted from the Angular core (@angular/core) and packaged into a separate animation module in Angular 4. If you don’t need animations, you don’t need to use this extra coding in your development kits. Import the Browser Animations Module from @angular/platform-browser/animations to connect animations to the main NgModule.


In Angular 4, a new title case pipe was added. Any word’s first letter is converted to uppercase using this pipe.


Angular 4 uses ParamMap to display URL parameters instead of params or queryparams.

New SystemJS plugin

The “component-relative” paths in styleUrls and template URLs are dynamically converted to “absolute paths” by this plugin.

How to learn Angular 4?

Anything you’ve read up to this point has led to one central question: how does one become an Angular Developer? If you follow these moves, you’ll be well on the way to being an Angular Developer and starting a new career!

  • Firstly, learn how to use JavaScript. Your Angular developer career will be built on the basis of JavaScript. This is fitting, given that Angular’s first edition was built on a base of JavaScript. Even if the newer Angular versions don’t depend on JavaScript as much as AngularJS, it’s always a useful ability to have. Learning JavaScript is easy, and there are numerous tools available to assist you.
  • Secondly, learn how to use TypeScript. If you recall, we mentioned earlier in the article that knowing TypeScript was a useful ability to have. So, here we are, reminding you of the important point! You will pick up TypeScript in no time.
  • Thirdly, Angular is a language that you can learn on your own. This is where you understand the framework’s ins and outs for the first time. After all, being an Angular Developer is difficult if you’ve never even seen the tool! There are a plethora of free tools available to help you master Angular on your own.
  • Fourthly, attend lectures. Many Angular programming courses are accessible, either in a physical learning centre like a community college or university or via online education.
  • Then, practice, practice, practice! Now is the time to put everything you’ve learned so far into practice by writing code. Trying to make someone with a new technique and only practicing by trial and error is the only way to gain experience with it.
  • Lastly, join a group of people. There are several Angular-related online communities. You can read blogs, watch videos, and listen to podcasts as well. Joining an online community is a great way to make company friends, learn practical tips, and become more familiar with Angular best practices.

Vskills Certification

Learning Angular is a vital decision to take if you’re a developer or programmer trying to advance your career or just starting out. So, what’s the best way to go about it?

Vskills Certified Angular 4 Developer

Angular is a JavaScript architecture for building Web single-page application front ends. The Vskills Angular 4 Developer credential evaluates the applicant based on the company’s need for Angular web application creation. This course will teach you how to set up a programming environment for developing Angular applications, as well as the different facets of software development. You’ll also learn how to use Angular’s prototype syntax and how to build and use modules and components. The course teaches you how to use Angular’s built-in directives and pipes, as well as how to build your own directives, pipes, and services.

Vskills Certified Angular 4 Developer Online Tutorial

The benefits of learning Angular 4

Angular 4 has more powerful features and capabilities than previous versions of the Angular architecture, allowing developers to build sophisticated, new, scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly web applications. The below are some of the advantages:

Code generation

Angular converts the designs into programming that is enhanced by today’s JavaScript virtual machines, combining the benefits of handwriting code with the efficiency of a system.

Code splitting

Angular’s latest Component Router provides automated code separation, ensuring that users just load the code needed to make the view they’ve requested. This speeds up the loading of Angular apps.

Progressive web apps

To build app-like interfaces, Angular makes use of modern web platforms.

Cross-platform applications on the desktop

Developers may use Angular to build desktop-installed cross-platform software.

Development of mobile apps

With techniques from React Native, NativeScript, and Ionic Framework, Angular makes it easier to build native smartphone applications.


With a strong but simple template syntax, Angular allows for fast development of UI views.

Creating accessible applications

You can build open applications with Angular’s development manuals, ARIA-enabled modules, and built-in a11y test infrastructure.


Developers can generate dynamic, high-performance choreographies and animation timelines with minimal code using Angular’s intuitive API.

Editors and IDEs

In common editors and IDEs, developers can get instant error notifications, intelligent code completion, and other input.

Angular Command Line Interface (CLI)

Angular’s command line tools enable developers to quickly design, add modules, test, and deploy their applications.

How will learning Angular 4 help your career?

Angular 4 will undoubtedly be the face of front-end production as the heir to the hugely popular AngularJS. The value of mastering Angular for web developers and smartphone app developers cannot be overstated—and it just makes sense to learn the most recent version: Angular 4. This is valid because you already work in the industry and want to keep your skills up to date and important, or you’re just starting out.

Here are several ways that mastering Angular 4 can help you advance in your career

Angular’s reputation is on the rise

Angular follows a stable versioning paradigm as a Google app. The Angular team is constantly working to improve each new release by fixing bugs and introducing new functionality. Knowing the most recent version keeps you technologically current and allows you to learn the new version easily as it is published.

Angular developers are in high demand

Companies would have to follow the newer iterations of Angular and it is a full overhaul of AngularJS. Since Angular 4 is still a relatively young framework, there are a limited number of developers on the market. Learning it now would make you one of the few developers in demand.

Angular developers should expect to earn a lot of money.

The pay is high due to the shortage of Angular developers. As a result, mastering Angular 4 is a very lucrative talent.

Start preparing with Angular 4 Interview Questions Now!

Vskills Certified Angular 4 Developer Practice Tests

Become Angular 4 Developer

You can receive 14 hours of instructor-led online instruction, a free digital e-book, a dozen quizzes, and three industry-based assignments, regardless of whether you prefer the Self-Paced Learning and Practice Test. Prepare yourself with Angular developer jobs pay an average of $72,350 to $128,227 a year, according to Indeed.

Angular has now reached version seven, with version eight on the horizon. It has gone through different stages of popularity over the course of its life, from being the darling of web developers to being despised, only to make its way back into favor, but not to the point of its former glory. Angular is still incredibly successful, and it consistently ranks in the top five of many best frameworks polls.

So, what do you have to lose? Learning Angular will lead to new opportunities in your career, and even though you’re still in a decent place, it never hurts to boost your worth with a little upskilling.

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