What good is a curved screen?

What good is a curved screen

For some of you who could not get the meaning of the topic here we are discussing or rather scrutinizing the curved screens of electronic gadgets like televisions, home theatres and Smart phones. Oh yes! I know some of you might not be familiar with curved screens but it is truth that recently big brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG have launched gadgets that literally have curved screen. Some of devices are Samsung Galaxy Round, and Samsung ultra high definitions televisions. The image shown will give you a better idea as to what these curved screen gadgets look like. Now the big question that will bother you is why you should buy these and what are their advantages and flaws?

Now, the curved technology was introduced way back in 1952 with first screen known as Cinerama. It is important to understand that the correct position to watch anything on a screen is that your eye should be at the same height as that of screen’s central axis. Also one views the image on screen when light is thrown on it. Now in case of curved screens light will have to travel less distance to reach the corners of screen since they are curved so this produces a flat image free of disfigurement and it is also not bent as in case of flat screens. So, the image quality definitely improves. Let us look from perspective of our own screens, our eyes; they too are rounded and not flat to give us a fringe vision. Hence curved screens give us a wider view and they provide a captivating and entrancing experience thus giving us IMAX type of view. Definitely you will get a 3D feel since the images have more depth. Another thing that is improved by these curved screens is the aesthetics. One can also say that the sharpness of images will increase due to the similarity in shape of eyes with curved screens. If these benefits are enough to motivate you to buy one of these curved screen gadgets then you must be made aware of their cons.

It is clear that this curved screen technology is just not a contrivance. But their ongoing criticism is mainly due to the fact that their prices are extortionate. They are nearly priced 30 percent more than the flat ones. So, that’s definitely a big concern. Another major problem occurs when we view the curved screen television from sides because geometry of image will be disturbed. When we watch from an angle the nearer side of picture will look constricted than the farther side of it. This is a big drawback since we all know while watching television at home there will be only few who will be watching it from centre, the others will watch from sides. So, after spending so much if all of us can not watch a movie together then what’s the benefit? Another problem is the positioning of the TV since curved screen televisions will affect the images by reflecting light on a large portion of screen as compared to flat ones. Hence they need to be placed in a dark location where there is no light source. Some of you will also feel unpleasant when you will see it on the wall due to its shape.

Hence, one can say that curved screen have their pros as well as cons. But many top brands are claiming that sales of curved screen gadgets are 3 times more than flat ones. From all the above stated points conclusion is that wider sized curved screens are better than flat screens. These are good for those who are adventurous and want to experiment with new technology. Some people are also advising to buy larger flat screen ones than these curved screen gadgets. At last it is your prerogative but they are worth giving a try.

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