Web design Part 24

Web design Part 24

Website Testing
A process for evaluating the conformance of a site to an agreed set of guidelines. The aim of it is that the website is able to perform all its operation in a reputed and able manner. The purpose of testing is to ensure your website is capable of operating to a minimum acceptable standard, in order to meet the Goals that have been set for it. It is also a major event or role in the website development. If you created a website and hadn’t tested it for bugs and other discrepancies, It’s not worth of creating any website. Website Testing encompasses many areas — ranging from simple spell checking to a full security review. For convenience, these can be grouped into a catalogue that lists all appropriate methodologies.It is your job to make sure that the content you provide caters for all their information needs and leads them to decide in your favour. It is the basic need of a website. We should alwyas see to it and take good care of this thing before proceeding forward. It is like the heart of a website.

Website Hosting
It refers to the service that allows a site to be stored on and accessed from the internet. It is like the main centre of a website. To most organisations, there is only two options: invest in a self-made infrastructure or find an external host. While a small organisation can hold its own server, but for the large organisations like wipro or any other they need to work on an external server equipped with able manpower and known people. This is because these sites are driven by a desire to retain total control of everything they do. As such, the only realistic option for the vast majority of firms is to seek the support of an independent Website Hosting company.
Website Hosting companies number in the thousands. It is a good method to do all the works and be equipped with all thingsbut have very poor service. Others have highly knowledgeable staff, but are undermined by bad technology. How can you identify the company that is right for you?
Website Review


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