Ways to be More Creative at Work

Ways to be More Creative at Work

Innovation is an essential component for a company to be successful in the business world today. Almost every job offers opportunities to be more creative and innovative. Sometimes these innovations are small procedural improvements and sometimes they are big and risky. Creativity is such a key element to a company’s success, however is missing in most companies today. How can you include some creativity in your work? Here are a few tips you could follow:

Recognize that every aspect of your job can be done in a different and more creative way

Over the years business processes have developed and been replaced with better ones. It’s the same with industrial and office processes; each has gotten replaced with something better. Hence you should approach every task at your job with an attitude that the current method is temporary. Developing a new method to complete a certain business processes requires certain amount of creative and innovative thinking. It is up to you to unleash your creativity and find a better way to that same task.

Consult people

Ask your customers for feedback about what problems and issues they might have with your services. Consult suppliers for cost savings and quality improvement ideas. Consult other departments in your company on what improvements can be made in their working. People in other places are capable of seeing problems which you may not see due to a different viewpoint. Consult people outside of your work in different fields to get a multidisciplinary approach on topics that concern you.

Have regular brainstorming sessions

Holding brainstorming sessions often with a diverse team will help generate new ideas for various business problems. Such sessions will bring out fresh approaches to the problem at hand and push you to be more creative. You can then turn these brainstorming sessions into actions by implementing the best ideas in your business.

Research ideas

Go on the internet and do some research about the problems you face. Checkout how the same sort of problems and issues have been dealt with at other organizations in different fields. Read on how similar businesses in other countries have dealt with these issues. After researching try and figure out the implementation and applicability of such ideas to your business given your scenario. Finally compile the ideas and the local implementation plan to put it in action.

Test out your ideas

Build a prototype or a mockup of your idea and present it to people in your company. Ask for their inputs on your idea on how to improve and make it better. Next step is to integrate the inputs you get into your idea and make it real. Once the idea is real you can test out the product in the market and obtain customer feedback on it.

Every company needs more creativity and innovation in their working to stand out. Yet people everywhere are scared of trying out new ideas. It’s not only R&D department’s job to be creative, you can be creative too.

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