Vegetarian- 6 reasons eating vegetables


We will be able to keep the diseases at bay

According to the facts, vegetarians consume less animal fats and cholestrol (and vegans consume no animal fats and cholestrol). Thus, the vegetarians have lower blood pressure compared to people who eat meat. Hence they have less chances of heart diseases and cancer.

We won’t fall for foodborne diseases

It has been readily observed that meat, poultry, fish are rich in food borne illness outbreaks. Moreover there is always a greater chance of consuming toxins and chemicals. People who consume fish are prone to many diseases easily because it is a fact that fish contains carcinogenics and heavy metals which cannot be removed even by cooking and freezing.

We will be able to stay healthy and keep our weight in check

Yes, it is true that vegetarians are overweight. But that is due to the blind consumption of junk and sweets. A proper balanced vegetarian diet helps stay fit and maintain the perfect shape.

We shall live longer

A proper vegetarian diet helps build up strong bones and gives energy. Moreover, meat can be difficult to digest. According to the research, vegetarians tend to be healthier overall and live longer.

We will save money

Vegetarian diet is cheaper than chicken and meat. In addition to this, it contains unhealthy fats and is higher in calories.

The innocent souls shall be spared

Believing  the facts, ten billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption every year. While we are killing someone to fill our stomachs and enjoy our tastebuds, we have a choice to spare them for our own good.

So go, try some vegetarian food. And the best part is that you will find your plate full of colours. A balanced vegetarian diet contains different foods with different colours!

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