Up for blame game?

Up for blame game

Responsibility is such a nasty word these days! Instead of looking at the entire process and how a problem must be solved, we use the word ‘blame’ and keep pointing fingers at the other side.

Blame-Game starts publicly in TV Debate shows; it starts with a healthy debate but slowly, with the course of time, turns into an ugly show of screaming banters where representatives forget the real issue and resolve to blaming their opponents. It sadly ends up with the clueless host trying to shut down the participants and back up their breaths. Show is closed off, without any conclusion!What can you possibly do? Just sit back and relax!

Why is poverty prevalent?Let’s say overpopulation. Wait, poverty is because of illiteracy! Who has to stop the illiteracy? Existing government of course! Why hasn’t the government tried enough to cut/remove it? Hey, isn’t that what previous government was supposed to solve?What can you possibly do? Just sit back and relax!

Fall of rupee. Price hike.What can you and I do in this? Ministers and Government representatives play along the blame game very efficiently and we never get to know the real face of how market players turn the market to their advantage. Oppositions cry foul over government involvement. When opposition gets into power, Aloha! It’s their turn to face the fury. Who’s to blame?What can you possibly do? Just sit back and adapt!

Rape cases. Who’s to blame?Blame it on the perverts who just can’t get enough. Why? Can government not enforce stricter rules to curb the menace? No, blame it on the society or on the khap panchayats who intelligently assessed that rape is to be blamed on chowmein. Not enough? Blame it on the girls who dress up provocatively. Or blame it on the guys because well…aren’t all of them same?What can you possibly do? Just sit back and suffer the consequences!

Corruption? It’s all because of government, isn’t it? Nope, officials who take money under the table should be blamed. Or maybe the people who hand out the money. There’s no win, no clear answer.What happens in the end? What can you possibly do? Just sit back and endure the game!

This blame game is not just restricted to politics. Even in our day to day life, if we are dissatisfied with a person, situation or event we default to blaming. It might be true in some cases but it also is false in many cases.People are more interested in ideological debates than ideal work. It’s easier to stop things from happening than it is to make things happen.

What can you possibly do after reading this? Just sit back and relax 🙂

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