Towards Green HR



Green HR has emerged as one of the global concern of environmentalists and human resource managers Green HR, which is revolutionized after the green moment, have assumed greater importance in 21st century related to Protection of Environment and save the planet Earth from future disasters.


The “Magna Carta” on Human Environment was declared in the first United Nation’s (International) Conference on Human Environment held in June 1972 in Stockholm declared that, to defend & improve the human environment for present and future generation has become an imperative goal for mankind has assumed great importance because of the excess consumption of natural resources as a raw material by the industries and other commercial organization there is tremendous pressure on the natural resources of planet Earth. The situation is so alarming that the scientist and the environmentalist are concerned about the same; it is the major talk in almost every seminar and conferences. Green HR on one hand is saving the mother earth by reducing the pressure on natural resource; on the other hand it has become the reason for scrutiny for employees at the lower level of management.


Implementing Green HR in Organizations

HR plays an important role in an organization. HR is the soul which provide life and blood to the organization. It the place from where the perennial flow of knowledge rises and diverge itself to various departments co departments and become the vision of organization as a whole.

The responsibility of the present generation HR Managers is to incorporate the Green HR Philosophy in corporate mission statement, HR-Polices. It should also spread it with the help of training programs, in recruitment, etc.


What to do??

ISO 14000 environmental management standards exists to help companies to minimize the operational affects on natural resources and environment, to comply with pollution laws and improve, organizations applying for ISO 14000 series, conducting environmental audits and using eco-friendly technology and producing eco-friendly products. It is a step towards Clean HR. Paperless Office: organization can contribute to Green HR by using tools like videoconferencing, skype, enotes. By bringing the concept of Paperless office, organizations can contribute a lot towards Green HR – Clean Hr.


Waste – Disposal System – By maintaining the efficient waste disposal system lot of harm can be avoided. It is a unique initiative by Jaipuria institute of management where, they gift guest a potted plant instead of expensive gift and bouquets. It is not only done to promote Green HR by the institute but also try to increase the number of trees in the ecosystem.


CSR and Clean HR

Lot of organizations are now paying attention towards green HR. Leading organizations like Godrej, makemytrip, Indian oil are actively engaged in the practices to make planet earth more clean more green. Various telecommunication companies like Nokia, Tata were also the incredible part of green HR by becoming the part of Recycling the product chain.


Green HR- the road ahead.

HR has a role in the pursuit of greener business practices, a role to save planet earth and recruit new employees and enforce greener working practices and change environmentally unfriendly behaviours. HR has significant opportunity to contribute the green movement and motivate employee / people to work for greener business.


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