Top 5 HR Managers of the world

Black Magic of Golden HRs

Human Resource Management is one of the most strategic and toughest jobs in the modern world. Human Resource managers need to update themselves every time the company policies changes and also enable them to cope up with the change for a better organization. However, some HR leaders are noticeable around the world for their skills and their lucrative thinking abilities which raised their organizations to global presence.

Let us look into the Lifes of Few Best HR managers in the world and know their dark secret,

  1. Jack Welch– The then CEO of GE, oh wait! we are talking about HR leaders and how did a CEO end up here. Well, Jack Welch during his tenure at GE talked and practiced a model which is described the best HR model and it is the sole reason why he is a top HR leader. He believed that HR managers are very much underrated and an ad hoc in the human resource division can handicap the organization effectively. He stated that the HR managers job should be valued right next to CEO and emphasizes the importance of HR leaders for global development.
  2. Felicia Fields– The Current Vice President of HR, Ford Motor group takes a dominant position next to Jack. The sole reason is that Felicia took advantage of the great recession in the USA and planned an effective Strategic HR plan with her CEO Alan Mulally to improve the conditions of employees during the stressful times. Felicia took the issues to employees and sought their opinions in every decision of the organization and the propaganda worked well for Ford.
  3. Hollie Delaney– The Current HR Director of Zappos holds her position strong as she has been considered one of the wisest HR managers in the business. Delaney’s tricks made the employees stay with Zappos for a long time and a high rate of 85% job satisfaction is witnessed in the organization. Her role involves recruiting people through social media and engaging audience effectively. The customer service is deemed the best at Zappos due to her leadership and every organization at present is looking forward to Zappos HR policies driven by Hollie.
  4. Dave Ulrich– It is not fair to leave the master when we are talking about his subject. The current Director in the Board of Directors in RBL Group had given so much to the discipline that he was ranked the No.1 management Educator by Business week. This great man is one of the greatest HR influential leader and gave the most appreciated Ulrich Model for Management. He has authored so many management books of which 75% consists of practices of HR. One of his noticeable quote “HR must give value or give notice” is acclaimed to be the mantra for HR managers.
  5. Laszlo Bock– You do not end your game with quoting about a great giant. Google’s HR Chief Laszlo Bock deserves a special mention and google doesn’t call him HR chief but instead People’s chief. This is mainly due to the fact that Google has much-deserved candidates as their employees and their goodwill is the foremost  goal of the organization. Laszlo Bock has done so much that everyone is always tuned to the new recruitment strategy every time brought forward by google. As quoted by Bock once “We spend more time working than doing anything else in life.It’s not right that the experience of work should be so demotivating and dehumanizing.

It is quite clear that  people rose through ages and adapted the practices which suited them best. The best HR managers learned and innovated the model themselves that is new and recreating. New-age managers must adapt and bring out policies that is best for the company goals and should not restrict themselves to few models but to experiment with new strategies.

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