Top 10 Project Finance Online certification and courses in 2022

Top 10 Project Finance Online certification and courses in 2022

Project finance as a job always keeps you on your toes to persistently expand your knowledge and reach heights in your career. It emphasizes more on accomplishments than seniority and such opportunities for faster career growth have made it a highly preferred field by young professionals. With the rising competition, companies prefer to hire candidates who possess better certifications and practical skills. Therefore, enrolling in a good course that complements your interest is really beneficial.

So, if you are somebody who wants to build a career in real estate then simply follow us till the end of the blog as here you’ll get to find the Top 10 Project Finance Online certification and courses in 2022. Let’s begin with knowing the roles, responsibilities, and required skills of project finance professional.


As a project finance professional, one is required to-

  • Advises government entities on the financial arrangements
  • Advices a seller on structuring of a project finance deal
  • Review buy-side bids for the project
  • Negotiate the financial components of a project finance deal on behalf of the seller

Recommended skills

To begin with, let’s discuss the basic skills that are required to become proficient project finance professional. These are-

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mathematical knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Financial modeling and reporting
  • Industrial knowledge
  • Financial management skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Analytical approach

Top 10 Project Finance Online certification and courses in 2022

To find out the course that suits you best out of the numerous courses offered by various educational websites is not an easy task. So, here I am to guide you by providing a list of Top 10 Project Finance Online certifications and courses in 2022. This will help you analyze and find which of these courses meet your requirements. So, without any further waste of time let’s directly look at what we are here for-

1. Certified Project Finance Analyst by Vskills

This government certification program on project finance teaches its participants about technical, financial, and economic market appraisal, securities, term loans, NCD, PCD, external commercial borrowing, lease finance, venture capital, and working capital finance. Thus, it is all in one course for learning project finance. Following are some important details and the course outline that you should know before enrolling in this course.


Course Details

  • Learning access- Lifelong
  • Validity of certificate- Lifetime
  • Learning hours- 13 hrs

Course Outline

  • Project Finance Introduction
  • Project Cycle – Emphasis on Financial and Economic
  • Projects and Economic Growth and Development
  • Financing of Project – Objectives of Financial Analysis
  • Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Financial Cost and Benefits Analysis
  • Evolving Of Financial Plan (Budgeting)
  • Techniques and Tools of Project Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Project Management Tools
  • Legal and Taxation

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2. Financing and Investing in Infrastructure by Coursera

The course lays emphasis on the practical aspects of project finance including the most frequently used financial methods for infrastructure investments. The use of real-world examples as well as case studies allows you to link the theoretical background to real business practices. So, by the end of this program, you’ll be capable of analyzing a complex transaction and suggesting appropriate solutions for deal structuring from the perspective of a financial advisor. Moreover, keep note of the following important details before applying for the program.


Course Details

  • Level- Beginner
  • Subtitles: English, Arabic, Italian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, German, Korean
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Duration- 11hrs

Course Outline

  • Project Finance and the Network of Contracts
  • Syndicate
  • Risk Analysis
  • Capital Budgeting
  • The Financial Sustainability of an Infrastructure Project
  • How Can Creditors Protect Themselves?

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3. Financial modeling | Project Finance & Infrastructure by Udemy

This course proceeds with an application-led approach that guides you through an ENTIRE project finance model built in Excel. So, you’ll learn about the way to build complex financial modeling tools from scratch in the industrySo, you may appear for this program considering the flexible schedules and other important details given below.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- Lifetime
  • 1 article and 1 downloadable resource
  • Accessible on- TV and mobile
  • Learning hours- 2.5 hrs

Course Contents

  • Core project costs and funding in construction projects
  • Financing costs during construction
  • Setting up the operational period
  • Debt sizing calculations
  • Investment performance and contingency funding during operations

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4.Project Finance Module by NSE

This course provides comprehensive and broad-based knowledge of project finance. Thus, it helps you acquaint yourself with the estimation of the cost of a project, different tools used to assess the project’s feasibility, benefits of sensitivity and scenario analysis, several sources of project finance, and the issues related to mobilizing project finance along with newer structures of infrastructure financing, the role of taxation and incentives in projects. So, go through the following details and course outline, first of all, to be aware of the prerequisites and other information and if this is what you are looking for then don’t wait to get yourself enrolled in this course.


Course Details

  • Certification validity- 5yrs
  • Course type- Self-paced
  • Fees- Rs2006

Course Outline

  • Project Finance Background
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Model, Competencies and Promoter Analysis
  • Estimating Cost of Project
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Project Finance and their Sources
  • Infrastructure and Public Private Partnerships
  • Novel Structures in Infrastructure Finance
  • Taxation and Incentives
  • Project Risks and their mitigation

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5. Project and Infrastructure Finance by London Business School

This program is specially designed for professionals who wish to understand the technical dynamics of investment in big projects, and aspire to develop skills in project management and infrastructure finance. So, if you possess an interest in learning more about project finance management then this is a good option to help you get a brief knowledge of this topic.


Course Details

  • Language- English
  • Fees- £7,700*
  • Duration- 5 days

Apply for the course

6. Certified Project Finance Analyst by Project Finance Institute

This is a definitive project finance analyst workshop that delivers transformational skills development in commercial analysis, financial structuring, financial modeling, as well as negotiation. This 8-week intensive program with live classes simulates a real project from start to finish. Thus, this course is helpful in providing practical knowledge along with the required skills. So, straightaway enroll in this program to get familiar with the project finance industry.

Project Finance Institute

Course Modules

  • PF Model Setup
  • Advanced PF Modelling
  • Case Studies & Final Test

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7. Project Finance: Free Online Course by Wall Street Prep

This course is specially created for students and finance professionals who are pursuing a career in project finance and possess an understanding of the role and interests of the participants to project finance transactions, key debt, and cash flow metrics like CFADS, DSCR, LLCR, and equity return calculations. So, if this is what you are looking for then this course is definitely a good option for you to choose.

Wall streer prep

Course modules

  • Introduction
  • Project Finance Primer
  • Course Overview
  • Timeline and Process
  • Timeline and Process, Part 2
  • Construction and Operations Calculations
  • Negotiations & Optimizations

Apply for the course

8. Project Finance: Funding Projects Successfully by edX

This course provides you with the basic knowledge as well as necessary tools required to create the optimum financing structure for a project and improve its potential to attract funding. By the end of this course, you will understand the requirements to achieve successful project financing. Moreover, some other important details of the course to be kept in mind while applying are mentioned below.


Course Details

  • Institution: DelftX
  • Duration- 5weeks
  • Instructor paced
  • Level- Advanced

Course Modules

  • Finance and Project Finance
  • Projects Risk Management
  • Optimizing the Legal Structure in Project Finance
  • Using a Project Finance Model Support the Funding

Apply for the course

9. Certificate In Project Finance (CPF) by EqualiFi

This course equips you to develop fundamental competencies in technical, securities, financial and economic market appraisal, external commercial borrowing, term loans, risk assessment and mitigation, lease finance, venture capital, and working capital finance. Following are some other important details that you should keep in mind before applying for the course.


Course Details

  • Total fees- Rs 8260
  • Self-paced
  • 3 refresher sessions

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Model Analysis (Promoter, Technical, Financial & Economic)
  • Jurisdiction, Legal and Expert Reports
  • Assessing the Risks (Macro risks, Completion risk, Operational risk)
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Project Investment Criteria
  • Debt Service, Capital Structure and Counterparty Risk
  • Debt Structure – Documentation
  • Financing Capital Structure (Choice of Securities, External Commercial Borrowing, Venture Capital, Lease Finance, Working Capital Finance)
  • Taxation & Incentives

Apply for the course

10. Project Finance by FinancialEdge

This is an extensive project finance course that helps you learn about risk management, the accounting specifics, and the way to structure the finances behind a project. Moreover, it enables you to build both a simple and advanced project finance model. However, some other important details of this course are as follows-

Financial Edge

Course Details

  • Learning duration- 10.5hrs
  • Lifetime access
  • Practical exercises- 55
  • Fees- ₹15,469

Topics covered

  • Introduction To Project Finance
  • Risk Management In Project Finance
  • Financing The Project
  • Accounting For Project Finance
  • Project Finance Returns
  • Modeling The Project
  • Debt, Coverage Ratios And Covenants
  • Building A Simple Project Finance Model
  • Building A Full Project Finance Model

Apply for the course

I hope this blog will help you decide which course suits your requirements. So, don’t wait anymore and enroll in any of the above courses to kick-start your career in project finance.


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