Timber as Construction Material


Timber is one of the most useful and important material for constructions. Selecting timber is not an easy task, because timber has different types out of which selecting the right material is an important key. Timber is an expensive material to be incorporated in a building for different purpose therefore it should necessarily be strong, tough and durable. Timber doors or windows and etc. contribute a lot in the beautification and overall look of interiors. Timber is used in doors, windows, cabinet, cupboards, shelves, tables and railings etc. Timber is also popularly used in the form of plywood & raw wood. Products like ply blocks and ply boards. Heavy patterned doors and windows are made of solid wood/Timber to provide the strength, toughness and durability.

Type of timber to be used for right purpose is important because if timber used in construction is of low quality then this may need replacement. While selecting timber one should consider its quality aspect as timber must be free from decay like rotten, fungi and termite. Following are some essential tips and guidelines to know about timber selection for buildings:

  • Teakwood is a most appropriate timber to be used in the construction of buildings. Teakwood is naturally durable with good merit and adaptability although it is prone to attacks of white ants and insects. Yet builders choose teakwood for its natural look, durability with long lasting characteristics.
  • Sal is another timber material identified as much stronger and quite harder than teakwood used in building purposes. Sal is less prone to termite or fungi attack and can be used for several constructive purposes.
  • Deodar is one of a strongest Indian conifer with less strength and weight than teakwood. Deodar has maintained its good image for durability and style of appearance. Deodar can be easily cast in any shape, easy to saw. Generally used for building & construction in homes and other civil structures.
  • Hardwood is another form of wood which is treated thoroughly before use as it is not durable as much as teakwood or deodar. After treated through, wood preservative and polishing on hardwood makes it suitable for house building structure.
  • Ply board is used in buildings for various purposes. They are formed by pressing together several layers of wood.
  • Particle board is made of agro waste, cellulose etc and blended with adhesive to make into a solid board.

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