Things you can do on Android but not on iOS


The most burning issue among Smartphone users now-a-days is that which OS is preferable over the other. Android has become the most widely used mobile OS. Android devices are sold more than the Windows, iOS and MAC OS X devices combined. Developed by Google, this Operating System has got a huge online market called Google Play Store with up to 1 million apps published on it. People belonging to different economic status and standard can afford to purchase android devices. There are various eye-catching and striking features provided by Android, removal of battery being one of them. An iPhone’s back is irremovable but we can easily replace battery in Android phone on our own if we find our phone dying quicker than expected.

A new mind-boggling feature provided by few Android phones like HTC one, LG G3 and Galaxy S5 can surprise you and leave your mouth wide-opened. These phones can be used as Universal Remote controls that can operate your TV, AC, speaker, heater and several other household devices you can think of. This ensures you ease of access to the household devices and make your phone an all rounder.

Some Android phones can open multiple applications at once and run them alongside one another. This distinctive characteristic of Android has made it recognizably different from others. It provides ease of use and makes the phone handy.

Moreover, where lightening cables are proprietary to Apple which means that iPhones and iPads need their specific chargers and cables, the android devices can be charged using any micro USB cable. The cheap and inexpensive knock-offs can’t work for iOS devices. This makes android phones cost efficient and provides convenience to those who are not willing to use branded accessories for their phones. Hence, Android devices are affordable and cost-effective.

A few android phones provide micro HDMI connection. This means that we can plug-in the Smartphone directly in to TV.  The benefit to HDMI, apart from its ubiquity (which means it’s cheap), is that it accommodates HD video and audio simultaneously, allowing you to connect devices without worrying about watching a film in full HD but having to make do with your tablet’s tinny speakers. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output is an advantage that many android tablets have over Apple iPads.

We can add more storage to an android phone by expanding its external memory using a micro SD card. But unfortunately no expandable storage is available for iOS devices. We are supposed to use only the storage provided in the Apple iPhone. For android there is much more room for customization.

“Automate everything” is solely an android phone’s function. Although, we can install IFTTT on iPhone and automate some functions but it is fairly limited. To do more, Android apps like Tasker and Llama can be used on android devices. These automation tools can be really advantageous. For example, an android app can automatically turn our android phone silent when we are in a cinema hall just by using our location.

Different legal torrents are available which can be used to download software and media on Android devices. We can easily download full HD movies from any website using torrent downloader which is not possible in iPhones and iPads. We can even make our android phone a full-featured media centre by allowing apps to manage playlists, download metadata, subtitles, lyrics, etc and sharing media easily. On iPhones it cannot be done until we jailbreak it. Also, downloading is costly in iOS.

One staggering feature of android device over iOS is that the former can be controlled from PC. AirDroid and Pushbullet help us install applications on phone from our desktop or laptop. This astonishing feature makes using Android phones convenient for users.

We can smarten up the homescreen of android phone as it is customizable. Just install a launcher which replaces the homescreen. Novalauncher, an app customizes all the elements of home screen like size of grid, icons and adding widgets to the dock. Android operating system has got all these mind blowing features which lack in other mobile OS. Hence, we conclude that there are several things that are only possible in Android. Therefore, the reason why Android is spectacular OS is well known. No doubt, Android is gaining popularity and it is justified because an OS which can solve so many purposes ought to be widely used. So be smart and switch to an Android Smartphone.



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