Things we didn’t knew about Food wastage

Things we didn't knew about Food wastage

Believe me guys. Food wastage cripples a country’s economy to an extent that most of us are unaware. In India, where we have seen ourselves as a producing country for the last 60 years, food wastage cripples us a great deal more. Nearly 20% of what we buy in urban India ends up being given out. Read this post about how we need to ACT on the FACT to keep this nation from falling asunder.


FACT: According to UNDP – United Nations Development Program, about 40% of food is wasted in India.

ACT: Request all to attain a conscious attempt to stop wastage of food – cooked or peeled.


Five more facts that will push us in the correct way.

  1. While India and other developing countries fight to feed all the population, it’s an irony that this much of food is wasted and not a bunch of people know about this.
  2. This is not simply a matter of a few lakhs of rupees. If food is wasted, in that respect is so much waste of water applied in agriculture, manpower and electricity lost in food processing industries and yet contributes to so much of the deforestation that occurs because of this sector.
  3. Getting hold of the above into consideration, the real worth of money per year in India from food wastage comes to a whopping 58,000 crore.
  4. Agreeing to a survey of the book (an organization working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, 20 crore Indians will sleep hungry at any given night. Nearly 7 million children died in 2012 because of hunger / malnutrition.
  5. The urban Indian is increasingly wasting more food over the years and recently contributing to approximately 35% of all food wasted in India.

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