The rise of online journalism


Internet is the new frontier of online journalism. Online journalism has not been with us for a long time it has only come up in the last few decades with exponential expansion accompanied with the spread of the internet which we commonly known as WWW(world wide web)or GOOGLE.

What is online journalism?

Online journalism refers to news content produced and/or distributed via the Internet, particularly material created by journalists who work for mainstream market driven news organizations.


In simpler words journalism which is done online, in which the journalism meaning- any non-fiction or documentary narrative that reports or analyzes facts and events firmly rooted in time (either topical or historical) which are selected and arranged by  a hierarchy of  reporters, writers, and editors to tell a story from a particular point of view.

Although online journalism is new to the society its impact if far greater than its age. The rise of online journalism became evident in 2005 when leading advertising  firms lost 49% of their market to online media like facebook & Google, not only in advertising firms are also started  losing readership in newspapers and magazines as well.

With a decrease of 8.3 in the first quarter. Only last year weekday circulation of newspapers fell about 4% while Sunday circulation fell 1% worldwide  which in calculation results in 43%  decrease in company size & market and this  is only the general perspective  the companies in U,S & Europe  have suffered greater damage.

In this globalizing world where everyone who is well to do owns a laptop gets his news from the internet  leading to the decline of print journalism and rise of online journalism.


Advantage  online journalism are as follows:-


  • Real time: News can be published in real time. Online Journalists can provide updating breaking news and events as they happen.
  • Shifted time: Contents published online can be archived so that viewers can read them at a later time.
  • Multimedia: Online Journalists can include images, music, sound, video etc.
  • Interactivity:
    • Online Journalists can add hyperlinks to their writings. These links relate their writings to other contents related to their subjects.
    • Readers or participants can respond instantly to materials published by online journalists in the form of email, comment, and threaded discussion.
    • The biggest advantage is that the print journalism which was called an art, But online is called the art& science of journalism, the future of journalism.

The biggest challenge with online journalism is developing a substantial business model .As none of the news papers focused on the internet before it is quiet difficult ,though it has a expanding  readership accessing that readership is a challenge.

But even though it has established it self as an evident part of journalism with different categories of  classifications.

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