The March of AI

The March of AI – How Artificial Intelligence will dominate everything in the future

Technology heading towards Artificial Intelligence

There was a time when communication used to be through letters. There used to be wastage of time, effort and money. Now, there have been many inventions and advancements in technology that have been able to break many barriers and difficulties. Many technologies have come up and changed our lives a lot through years and generations. Computer technology, being one of them has proven to improve a lot in the past few years. Computer has developed to what it is today and going to be in future after going through the various generations ranging from first generation of vacuum tubes to fifth generation of artificial generation. In order to know more about artificial intelligence, we must know its history in brief:

1st Generation (1940 to 1956)

In this range of years, came the vacuum tubes out of which the computers were built. The circuits and functioning of a computer used to be through vacuum tubes. A single computer used to occupy the area of a whole room that can accommodate lot of furniture instead. It took a lot of time to switch on the computer. There was wastage of heat, time and money at that time. Lot of malfunctioning and errors used to add on to the burden.

2nd generation (1956 to 1963)

This generation came with the advent of what is called as Transistor. A transistor is capable of replacing hundreds of vacuum tubes, hence reducing the cost, time, energy and money. Although there could be some improvement observed, but the transistors were dependent on punching cards in order to give input or printout. This was further overcome by the 3rd generation computers.

3rd generation (1964 to 1971)

This generation was the generation of Integrated circuits that replaces hundreds of transistors. In a way, it minimized the transistors in size compressing them onto tiny chips of silicon. This got a lot of saving upon everything. It is then, that the keyboards, monitors, operating systems, various other applications came up.

4th generation (1971 to present)

Now is the generation of what is called Microprocessor that replaces thousands of ICs (Integrated Circuits). A single chip of silicon can accommodate thousands of ICs with the help of a microprocessor. A single microprocessor is hence in fact the Central Processing Unit of the Computer today.

5th generation (present to future)

Today our computers and machines work upon our instructions which we implement technically. Artificial intelligence is the generation where machines can go hand in hand with our senses and biological factors. For instance, the voice recognition, iris matching, biometric technology, robotics and many more to come have been making lives easier.

Fifth generation or Artificial Intelligence is where nanotechnology takes the role and helps minimizing the equipments and chips further more. Just like through generations, vacuum tubes reduced to microprocessors, there can be a day when there is further more miniaturizing. Everything can be stored in a very small space just like our brain cells. It contains some of the technologies as parallel processing, multitasking, nanotechnology, biometrics, etc and many more.

With this generation, there will be no identity theft, as people will have their biometrics’ details fed into the system. The best example is that of adhaar card where fingerprints of both the hands and iris scan are also taken apart from the usual details of the person. Also, the companies nowadays use fingerprint scan of the employees in order to permit them log in to the database.

This is how Robotics is becoming popular. Just imagine, how much change and development can Robotics bring to our lives. There will be no old age homes, no handicapped people will suffer and get ignored from proper care, no wars and battles will kill many sons, brothers or fathers. We will have a better future with better technology!

So, this is how a computer ended up from occupying a whole room to just being handled by our hands and senses! But this is not it! If we are capable of making such a big difference to technology, we are capable of bringing more development in future. Till then, let us help the world make machines more Intelligent with Artificial Intelligence.

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