The Driver of Life

The Driver of Life

Manners- the driver of our life

Ram from India, Richard from England, and Muttuswamy from Srilanka, all these kids have one thing in common irrespective of wherever they were they have always been accused of not having good manners, 20 years later, when Richard visited India, his navy blue blazer, passport, wallet, authentic designer American Tourister luggage got stolen from the airport, just because he relied on a humble looking Indian-“Good Manners!!”. When Ram visited England, he went for an evening stroll at east Nelson highway, but  was beaten by a group of resist skin heads, just because he kindly went up to them and inquired, ‘Could you guide me the way to the charring crossing, instead of directing him they charred him instead, – “Good Manners!!” again

This is the validity of good manners in today’s generation, on one hand it is used as a weapon to swindle people on the other hand, it is the same good manners that receives violent retribution

Manners- the so called “lubricating fluid of life’’ seems to have become so perilous for self-indulgent individuals like us,

I am stressing on the subtleties of this quality because it seems that the basic premise behind emulating good manners seems to have shrouded

It is a law of nature that two moving bodies in contact with each other creates friction, this is as true for human beings as it is for the inanimate objects, Values and knowledge are the two wheels of the cycle of life which we have to peddle together to reach our destination

This is equally true in an organisation as well, Manners simply like- ‘thank you”, “Please” makes an individual human being. This sort of courtesy is ubiquitous and helps in establishing cordial relations. In the materialistic world of today, people are so engrossed in the horse race of adding zeros at the end of their salary, that things like courtesy and stuffs seems to be petty issues for them

Each and every day we get to see traces of the validity of Good Manners being eroded, from metros to social crimes , we have lost the sensibility of figuring out that ultimately we are the sufferers

So when are we going to see the change Human being is everyone but who will be believing in Being Human   

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